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March 10 2010

(SPOILER) Amy Acker to guest on "Human Target". Former Dollhouse star Amy Acker will appear in the season finale of the FOX show "Human Target".

I guess they found a way for me to have to watch a second episode of this show.
Seems weird to me that we're already at season finale time.

b!x - Hah!
It seems that they got Grace Park to guest star on their March 24 ep.

*sigh* I watch Human Target not for the plot but for the guest stars. Lol.
I bet she's playing his ex-wife. And/or ex-boss.
I may have said this here before but I started watching this show on a whim and was totally taken off guard how good it actually is. The show itself may be a bit formulaic, but the actual plots and characters are filled with clever little quirks that a trope-overdosed viewer like me craves (not to mention Bear McCreary's catchy, sounds-like-Bond-Theme-but-slightly-classy-er french horn centric soundtrack.) And, of course, as mentioned by b!X, all the cool guest stars.
I think it has a lot of potential but it needs to stop taking itself so seriously and embrace its inner camp. Flying a plane upside is cool, but the characters would be so much more likeable if they acknowledged how ridiculous the situation is.

That being said I think I'm still grieving Pushing Daisies, because I keep on seeing the show as an Emerson Cod & Co spinoff.
Oh now--Mark Valley, Chi McBride, Jackie Earle Haley AND Amy Acker? Recipe for 42 min. of complete happiness in my book. Just hope I don't lose my soul & turn evil afterward! Human Target is fluff, but it's classy fluff and almost reconciles me to losing Keen Eddie. Only thing better would be to give Amy Acker her own show.

[ edited by Maeve on 2010-03-11 16:21 ]
I'm with brinderwalt. I actually thoroughly enjoy it for what it is ... and I feel like its got the the bones and guts to grow into something more than formula fun, but even if it doesn't I get some fun and some lovely guest stars. It's made me curious about the comic books its based on ... are they campier? Just as serious? Tongue at all in cheek?
Oh wells! I'll be happy when it starts to air episodes again and I'm not at all ashamed to admit it! And Amy Acker, yay! Amy Acker makes every scene she's in so much better ... I hope the show can keep up!

ETA: Maeve, maybe my sore spot over losing keen eddie is why I'm so open to Human Target? I admit that was the reason I started watching HT, I was happy to see him back on screen.

[ edited by gus on 2010-03-11 16:25 ]
Add me to the list of enjoyers. I am so happy to see Mark Valley on my TV again, and I like the show for what it is. I'd never even heard of the comic books, so I don't know how it stacks up there.

Since I imagine they may have had the show pretty much in the can before it started airing (anyone know for sure?), perhaps if it gets another season, they'll adjust the tone somewhat based on what resonated.

I also love those opening credits. Kind of retro, very cool.
This is a very fun show. Certainly not the best available, the the cast is great, the plots are exciting and the stunts are really well done. I'm excited to see what type of roll Amy plays.
While the premise and plots are somewhat formulaic, the cast is fantastic and the thing seems tailored to fit Mark Valley like a glove. Plus, after my fan-boy man-crush on Jack Earl Haley's performance as Rorschach in Watchmen, I could enjoy his mesmerizing acting in a Mad Magazine comic strip.

This may not be a serious show, but it is serious fun. And more engaging than most of the genre fare that is out there right now ... (Warehouse 13, can you hear me? Step it up!)

I'd also like to hear from anyone who's been following the comic. How does it compare?
Ah! Who knew this was the second attempt to bring this to the screen ... after the 1992 series starring Rick Springfield (!) that lasted 7 episodes! I pulled it up on IMDB:

Also, Mark Valley explains the difference between the graphic novel and the series here:

Apparently, the 1992 Sprinfield vehicle was actually closer to the comic, and that may have been the cause of it's undoing. The logic for having Chance create a new character instead of impersonating the client makes perfect sense to me now.
Am I the only one waiting for Amy to be the STAR of a show? She's good enough for sure, I guess i'll take my guest spots and smile until that day comes (and it will come *glares*)
Haven't seen it yet but I have been recording it on my DVR because i thought it looked good. Amy Acker will be more incentive for me to actually watch it now along with all the praise some of you have given it.
Nice casting. :) Hopefully we'll get a more solid hint of where Chase is coming from. I never read the graphic novel so I'm taking it all in as they show it.

Now if only they could get rid of the soundtrack! I know some people like it, but to me it's the worst soundtrack I've ever heard on a series; the music often has no relation whatsoever to what's taking place on my TV screen. Every week I cringe and decide to stop watching, then Mark Valley and crew along with the wonderful guest stars pull me back in by the next episode.
Damnit, FOX. T.T lmao. Got'ta watch for Amy<3.
I watched the pilot because I like Mark Valley (and terribly miss Keen Eddie) and didn't care for it (despite Caprica-Six being the 'lady of the week'). Amy might get me to give it second chance.
It's very light (though with tantalising hints of more depth and a darker edge, as when Guerrero was making "enquiries" into Chance's past a while ago for instance) and a bit formulaic BUT it's also (the odd bit of dodgy CGI aside) really well made and inventive. A few weeks back for instance they had a fight set in a car that was as fresh and well staged as most fights you'd see in movies costing $100 million and taking months to make. Kind of sits in the same bit of head as "Burn Notice" and "Leverage" for me - it won't change the world but it's good, clean, fluffy fun (not a fan of the theme though, I like the credit visuals well enough with their - presumably deliberate - nod to the show's comic origins but not the score).

They do pretty well with guest stars too with Sean Maher already having been on (this week's had Kris Marshall guesting which was a slightly dissonant but very welcome surprise) and Amy only adds to that record.

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