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March 11 2010

'Veronika Decides to Die' DVD available for Amazon pre-order! Our favourite Slayer's movie is finally coming out...

We finally have a finalized release date and cover (which i'm iffy about) but so far it only seems to be a US only, hopefully a UK will follow...

Must have got bumped from next month then.
This is a very interesting film, it's a shame it never got released, I think it should help out SMG career, if producers watch it.

She does a really good job in a hard role to play.
Sarah was really excellent in this movie. I thought it was a really great choice for her to try and move away from the horror genre she's been in the past few years and finally get a chance to show off her acting ability! It's too bad it didn't get a wider release.
It was released here and I really liked the film.
Not a fan of the dvd cover either, but I'd buy it.
I agree with everyone about Sarah's acting, it was fantastic and it's a shame it didn't get a wide audience release, but Wikipedia does say that it'll recieve a UK cinema release sometime in 2010, but Wikipedia isn't reliable so i'm not entirely convinced.
She's becoming just like the other Buffy alum: stuck to cable TV movies, or Direct-to-DVD releases. Shame. The only Buffy actors who ever really made something of themselves are Alyson and David, they got shows into the "Big Four."
Seth Green is also in Family Guy ;)

But it is a shame, I know one day she'll get "that" movie or "that" new show, and she'll be back on the map.
We can claim Amy Adams, right? ;)
How does the movie relate to the book? I read it while going through a dark time in my life and I was very anxious to see the film (especially when I heard SMG was in it).
Sarah needs to get back to television. Her HBO pilot--a shame it wasn't picked up--was a step in the right direction. I'm crossing my fingers that maybe after some time off to be with her family she'll jump back into television. And I'm betting that the only reason we haven't heard of Sarah being cast in network pilots was that she simply hasn't been very interested in doing television since Buffy ended. There's a reason actors prefer movies after all--better hours, slower pace, better pay. But hopefully now Sarah's changed her mind about television and she'll land in some great new gig soon, because I miss her.
@Tessa_Mac Sarah has been doing non-horror work for a while now. Suburban Girl and The Air I Breathe, for example. I think she happens to be a fan of the genre, so occasionally she'll dip her toe back in those waters. I also don't think it's fair or accurate to dismiss the hard, dramatic effort that can go into making a good horror film. Though she's highly skilled in drama, and I do want to check this out very much, I wish she would do more comedy. I find her very funny.

That August date is very frustrating. I do like the price, though. What I don't like is the unnecessary and awkward splashes of hot colors. Seriously, when did we all go back in time to 1992? Damn you, island! :)

For anyone interested, here's a DVD Review of Possession which is out now.
Hellmouthguy oh man, you said it. I totally miss Sarah on anything...she is one of the most gifted actresses alive imho. I saw the movie and I recommend it to anyone who likes a good drama. SMG doesn't disappoint.
For once we're ahead of you in Europe. The movie was shown and advertised quite widely here in Stockholm, and is already out on DVD.
Better cover?
Couldn't catch it in the cinemas, though, so it'll have to be the DVD for me. Good to hear that it's worth watching.

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