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March 11 2010

Zack Whedon tells "Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale". He talks to Comic Book Resources about this highly anticipated project.

He was probably my least favourite man character, but I was always curious of his past and why he seemed like he was hiding a dark secret.
I was wondering what happened to this comic...
I loved Book, and I'm highly anticipating this.

After writing that, I just noticed the wording of the header. =P
I wonder if that was psychological, or just the best description.
I am really looking forward to this long-delayed story. I thought that originally someone else was writing it. What happened?
I told you, you can't make me more excited about this book. So quit trying. Please.
Save some of the promo for June.
Save some of the promo for June.

By June comic book stores will have already committed to a certain number of the graphic novel. I imagine Dark Horse wants excitement about it now so that people ask their local comic stores about it and/or place orders to help bump up the initial numbers being ordered.
This project was announced for November. So the ideal time to request it from your comic store is the first week or two in September. That's when the stores finish collecting pre-order information from all of their customers (the exact date varies from store to store).

The Wash comic is the one solicited for June. So the ideal time to request that from your comic store is the first week or two in April.

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