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March 11 2010

First pic of Ms. Riding Hood. SyFy has released the first picture of Felicia Day from the set of Red.

Great pic.

What is this? First I've heard of it and can't find anything about Felicia Day starring in something called Red on either her Wikipedia or IMDB page.

TV show/film? Is she the star?
Vandelay: It was posted here a few days ago.

The pic looks great!
Bad-ass Felicia = Awesome!
Thanks for the link maxsummers. Sounds like it could be good fun. And it is fantastic news that she has been given a leading role.
All Whedon roads lead to the syfy channel?
This sounds awesome. When is it coming out, and would it just be on TV?
Okay, they've convinced me. Can't pass up badass Felicia.
Mag kills werewolves? ^.^
Would this not be more suitable for the Warren Ellis flick :P.
NICOLE - sometime in 2011

WHEDONESQUE - Thanks for the pic - hot!
I'd say Felicia looks hot, but that would just be redundant, wouldn't it?
Whoa. I'll be in my bunk.
That photo makes me think of "Epitaph" and then that makes me sad that Dollhouse is over, but also very excited for more Felicia action.

I hope this movie gets a UK release date.
I'm sure it'll end on SciFi UK or Bravo at some stage next year.
No red cape?
I wanna hear this on the soundtrack. For I am made of cheese.
Ms. Day is getting much practice lately at using the weaponry on camera!
Winchester, I thought of Epitaph, too, when I saw the photo. But it didn't make me sad, just excited to have more Felicia on my TV screen :-)
I can't wait for this. It's exiting to see Felicia Day in another kick ass role. The more Felicia the better. :D
Felicia has said no one in Hollywood could imagine casting her as gun-toting badass - except Joss. Appears they're having less trouble visualizing her that way now.

This could get interesting. On board.
Yep. Officially looking forward to this. It's likely turn out crappy (most SyFy movies do, in the end), but this one might just be the exception. And even if it isn't, I'd still watch it just for ms Day :).
The movie is already groundbreaking. I've never seen

[ edited by Pointy on 2010-03-12 03:33 ]
Well, times change, Pointy.

I generally prefer to imagine that the "SyFy" channel doesn't even exist, let alone with its utterly ridiculous name, and its stable of writers often seems to be filled entirely with monkeys and keyboards. But still: Felicia! With a gun!
Does anyone know if these are being made in the same nature of the 'Tin Man' and 'Alice' movies that SyFy did? Cause those were pretty fantastic.
Felicia all tooled up is so very cool (not just boots but Boots with Knives ! Of Doom !).

(are those werewolf remains ablaze in front of her though ? Cos it looks pretty bright to be night time, that must be one hell of a full moon)
Heatherondo haha! good point! I think the actors from the Whedonverse are all destined to work with each other for the rest of their lives in some format as well, even outside of Whedon productions. :) I'm totally okay with that.

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