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March 11 2010

Alan Tudyk joins Rockford Files. EW's Ausiello on the latest casting for the remake.

I'm torn about this, because I don't think anyone can replace the genius of James Garner as Jim Rockford, but the addition of Alan Tudyk in a supporting role has me reconsidering. (I've edited for clarity as Tudyk is not playing Rockford - but that would be better)

UH UH AHHHH UURRRRRR ... Sorry, I was speechless there for a moment. FAN.F'IN.TASTIC! I know people are worried it won't be good because there's only one Jim Garner, but this could be a great vehicle for Alan in terms of a combination of drama and humor. Kudos Kudos Kudos.

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TonyaJ - I've edited the entry for clarity - Alan is not playing Rockford - I only wish. That role went to Dermot Mulroney.
Yay! Please don't kill him off!
I think Dermot is too pretty to be Jim Rockford, especially because the show is Maverick as a PI but more put upon. I wonder if Alan will be a rival PI or even Sgt. Becker. Let's hope this comes through
Oh, I know he's not playing Rockford (I read the info at the link), but other people are dissing the series elsewhere because they can only envision one Rockford.
Good lord. Is there no old TV show that they won't try to destroy?

Does anyone else remember the Perry Mason TV series with Monte Markham in the lead? No, I didn't think so.
Hmmm. It's a David Shore production (ie House). I'd expect the writing on this to be of a very high standard. I'm definitely tuning in. Good for Alan!
I don't think his role is a spoiler so I removed the tag.
Ta Simon! Better safe than sorry....
Great role for a great actor! Congrats to Alan!
I also think it would be better if Tudyk was Rockford. Mulroney is a fine actor, but, frankly, I think Tudyk is better. Oh, well, if this works, it might mean Tudyk gets a steady paycheck--and I wouldn't mind seeing him on my TV on a weekly basis.
@impalergeneral: Ausiello says Sgt. Becker. Interesting that Ausiello is far more enthusiastic about Tudyk's casting than the lead.

Casting Mr. Tudyk as a regular or recurring character in a TV series with a broad appeal can only be good. If the show succeeds, he'll get lots of exposure and money; if it fails, he won't be blamed.

I'm old enough to have watched Maverick when it originally aired, and I couldn't set aside my memory of James Garner in that role, so I never watched the Rockford Files. I'll certainly give the remake a try.
Well, it's great for Alan and I'm sure he'll be wonderful... but don't you kinda wish NBC was developing an original series instead of a reboot? I do.

And for those like me that were overcome with a sudden hankering for the theme it is, sadly without the answering machine or the original opening, apparently due to copy right issues.
redeem147: I think I avoided seeing it but I sure remember it. Given that Perry Mason started in books, that wasn't actually remake of a show, tho. Not that that made it any elss ill-advised.
"I am a leaf in the police station..."
I always thought David Boreanaz looked like James Garner, especially since his Bones role.
I always think it is funny when people say that Rockford wasn't "pretty". James Garner was knock out drop dead gorgeous back in the day (and my first serious crush). A pretty boy is exactly who needs to play Rockford. That being said, Mulroney isn't pretty enough (or charismatic enough) for this role.

Yay! Alan...?

I hope everyone involved proves me wrong. :)
Quite like this because I would have pegged Alan for Angel on first consideration but Becker is slightly further from his normal style of role and so slightly more interesting in that sense.

Not totally onboard with them remaking it at all (pretty sure the DVDs are still available and as a show from that era it still stands up pretty well) but if they must i'm glad they're using talent like Alan.
I hadn't planned on tuning in, but for Alan...
My husband and I were watching a rerun of Rockford Files a few weeks ago and were thinking that if they ever brought it back, it should have Nathan Fillion in James Garner's role. Nathan and Alan together in this would have been fun!

I'll watch anything Alan does. Rockford Files is one of only three procedurals I ever enjoyed, the others being Moonlighting and Castle.

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