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March 11 2010

Define Interesting - the t-shirt. A very funny and clever QMx t-shirt.

* This t-shirt is irony-resistant, not to be confused with ironing-resistant. If ironing t-shirts is something you like to do, feel secure in the knowledge that our t-shirt is no more or less capable of being ironed than any other 100-percent cotton t-shirt you're likely to find.


Want. Maybe this'll push me into getting the Inevitable Betrayal one I've been coveting too.
Oh, this one's the best text-based one I've ever seen...
Well done, lexigeek!
I so want this T!

Normally I'm not a fan of tie-in T-shirts. They're like vanity plates to me - very often the only person who "gets it" is the one who bought the plate. (Like my cousin, who had DAFOU on his Honda. He explained it was because the engine was a four-cylinder and he was poking fun of gang speak.)

But this one would actually work without too many people coming up and saying, "Um. I don't get it." I also think the dino betrayal T-shirt is clever, and doesn't take much explanation. (I'd have to look again - is it the bronto or the steg saying the line?)
I was going to post this on March 10 when twittered about it, but
I wasn't sure it was interesting ;) enough...
Heh. This is, almost exactly, the shirt I made at home with an iron-on printout back in May of '05 to one of the advance screenings.

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