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March 12 2010

Get your Firefox Firefly Persona now. There's also Dr Horrible, Angel/Angelus and Captain Hammer.

Very nice, I put in the permanent URLs for the other pages.
Aw, cool! Too bad I've switched to Chrome. :(
There's Serenity too, but I can't remember where it was.
2 more:
Angel / David


Another one:
Serenity logo

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wow, this is truly horrible to look at... removed it straight away...
Wow, that Firefly one isn't that, erm, great to look at, on my machine :). The Captain Hammer one is alright, though. Still, I'm going to have to go with something a little bit different :)
No the Firefly one is actually a bit low res isn't it?

The Serenity one would be great if it didn't make the toolbar look 'like poo'.

[ edited by ZodKneelsFirst on 2010-03-12 14:28 ]
So far, the Blue Sun one looks the best on my computer. The Firefly one was... not very pretty. Not on my compy, in any case.
I think I like this Serenity persona the best.
Yep, that's the one.
Yeah, the original one is pretty low res, nice idea but shows a lot of compression artifacting. The others are pretty fun, though!
Serenity Firefox Persona --
If anyone haven't found the SERENITY one yet.
Siglavy linked that one forty minutes ago.
Siglavy's version is definitely the best on my machine (the rest all got oddly cropped), but I usually prefer to have my applications sleekly silver.

Maybe for a giggle, though.
Yeah, when personas first came out I said, "Hey, cool..." and tried a few and then promptly turned them back off. If every app that I ran was themed, my brain would probably rebel.
I searched for Firefly and Serenity personas the day that I installed the 3.6 beta, and then daily for a week or two after 3.6 was first released.

As soon as the Serenity Sepia one came out (which was a month or more ago I think) I switched to it on all my computers' browsers and never looked back. Every so often I search again to see if there are any new Firefly/Serenity ones, and there never are - I think that all the artistically-inclined browncoats out there installed Serenity Sepia and are happy enough with it not to bother making their own :) persona isn't like "Which Firefly character are you?"?

Color me confused. All this newfangled stuff has me lost.
Yeah, I've been using the Serenity one for awhile now. I usually don't theme stuff, but it looked good enough to keep.

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