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March 12 2010

Buffy and other Superwomen of Modern Myth. are examined in this book from Jennifer K. Stuller. Buffy gets a lot of coverage. The author is a member of the Whedon Studies Association.

! Jen's book! I'm surprised this wasn't mentioned already. I actually had the pleasure of being in a class Jen co-taught, some years ago, at the University of Washington, called Buffy as Archtype: Rethinking Human Nature in the Buffyverse. It was a fantastic class that introduced me to not only Buffy and the Whedonverse in general, but the idea of critical studies via pop culture. That class is always gonna stand out for me as one of those "moments that changed everything" for me.

I know Jen's going to be at WonderCon, too - people should totally swing by her panel and hear her talk about the female hero, modern myth, and pop culture. Her head is so stuffed full of facts about this stuff that it will be completely worth it.
So i need a copy of this asap!! Sounds awesome!!
I edited a little and took out some of the text that was the same as what's on the site.
I'm sorry... the Whedon Studies Association?

BWA HA HA HA HA HA (snort narf)!!!

Sorry - I couldn't help myself. :)
So how do I become a member of the Whedon Studies Association?
So how do I become a member of the Whedon Studies Association?
kantgitrite101 | March 14, 03:31 CET

I think that informally, we here at whedonesque are all just that. :)
You can read more about the Whedon Studies Association at their website. It's basically a peer-reviewed journal (Slayage) that covers everything Whedon-related, and is in the tradition of other societies/associations (The Dickens Society, Carollians, etc).

Many people here probably are members, by virtue of having attended Slayage at some point. :-)

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