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March 12 2010

Summer Glau becomes crime-fighting blogger in NBC pilot. The Hollywood Reporter says Glau will be part of "The Cape" as a blogger named Orwell who helps the hero fight crime, and even gets into the battle herself. The show is about an ex-cop who's accused of a crime he didn't commit, and becomes a costumed hero to clear his name.

This actually sounds like it'll be REALLY good, officially excited, although I would probably even love a show about watching paint dry if Summer was in it.
If her character wasn't so obviously based on me, I'd say the show sounds a bit cheesy.
Hmm - definitely interested in seeing this one pan out!

If her character wasn't so obviously based on me, I'd say the show sounds a bit cheesy.

If it's cheesy like Human Target is cheesy you won't find me complaining (probably.)

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Sounds good, tv needs a bit a Summer at the moment!
Sounds pretty amazing. Summer Glau and Felicia Day are my obsessions, so this has been a pretty great week for me. (:
This is the kind of thing where I'm going to try not to get too excited yet, but am probably going to anyway. I would love to see a well-done superhero drama. And obviously, if they're casting Summer Glau, they're doing something right at least. Still, I've been hurt before.

Google-Fu yielded a script review on Bleeding Cool that sounds like it could go either way, all depending on the execution. (Some spoilers in there, of course.)
Well, this will be interesting. I'm eager to see how these all unfold. By that I mean there is a hell of a lot of superhero-related dramas coming up and this certainly sounds like a premise that can be very workable. It sounds like a procedural, and NBC certainly needs one of them. I'll be following to see where this goes anyway.

Oh also, Both Bennett and Topher have new gigs! - YAY!
I want this to be amazing, because it sounds like it could be. But it could also go really wrong (it is on NBC, after all), so here's hoping that it doesn't.
Or on the other hand, it could be the new Chuck.
Sounds like a pretty sweet concept, and a great role for our Summer. Here's hoping that it's a lot better than Heroes post season 1.
More Summer is a Very Good Thing. I will be checking this out, for sure.
Yey! More Summer!
Maybe they could put this on Monday nights. That way we'd have Adam, Nathan, AND Summer all in the same night. Be still my geek heart.
It'll fail. It's on NBC. And it stars a Whedon alum.
I dig it, APPROVED.
Nathan's currently on his second season at ABC (almost certain to get a 3rd) and Adam's on his 3rd season of Chuck on NBC.

If this gets past pilot, I'll check it out.
"an ex-cop who's accused of a crime he didn't commit"

Summer Glau being equal parts geeky and kicking ass. Yeah, I could watch that.
I really wish this wasn't an NBC show, but cool nonetheless. I wonder how Bennett-y this character will be? And good for Summer.
I don't think she's that good of an actress. I prefer actresses like Alyson/Michelle T.
"an ex-cop who's accused of a crime he didn't commit"

; ) Yes, but here's what I want to know:

Was he good at his job and will he now be prowling the badlands?
@Rikardo: Want to bet he has 5 o'clock shadow, and a surly demeanor?
Sounds like a really good role for her, mixing together everything things done before this.
And has a tendency to talk in the past tense?
I don't think she's that good of an actress. I prefer actresses like Alyson/Michelle T.

You're certainly entitled to your opinion, but I don't see the benefit of making such a negative comment with a complete lack of context.

Back to the subject, this sounds fun. I'll certainly give it a try.
Oops - sorry for the double-post. The dangers of commenting via Blackberry.

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I think this could either be awesome or ridiculous. I love the idea of costumed vigilantes, and it is always good to have Summer! It could end up being a failure, but e ither way, I'm gonna watch it.
Nathan's currently on his second season at ABC (almost certain to get a 3rd) and Adam's on his 3rd season of Chuck on NBC.

Also, Alyson and NPH are on season 5 of HIMYM on CBS (though, granted, NPH wasn't a Whedon-alum when it started) and David Boreanaz is on season 5 of Bones on Fox, and Morena's in V on ABC (which I think has performed well so far and will be back for a second season).

This show does sound like it could be very good, and it's Summer, so that's a no-brainer.
Cristelle over on

More Info:
Despite the comic book sounding title, "The Cape" is not based on a comic book. The premise finds an honest cop name Vince Faraday (to be played by Aussie actor David Lyons, "ER") framed and hunted down by bad guys in a fictional city. After he's believed killed, Faraday takes up the identity of The Cape, a costumed superhero (but with no powers) who teams up with a group of former carnival types to battle the city's corrupted police force and assorted bad guy politicians. Our hero's quest is to clear his name as well as be reunited with his loving son.

The angle? No one actually has superpowers, though they do wear costumes. Which, ironically, makes it sort of the complete opposite of "Heroes", NBC's latest bona fide hit.

NBC has ordered the pilot, from creator Tom Wheeler. Lloyd Braun and Gail Berman will executive produce.

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Heroes is NBCs latest bona fide hit? It hasn't been a hit for 2/3 seasons. D:
The more-info makes me miss The Tick, the live-action version. Only the Tick seemed to have powers (nigh-invulnerability and strength). Batmanuel and Captain Liberty, and Arthur, just got by on sheer detmination.
I'm sorry but Kick Ass is going to be huge!
No matter the context, Summer is always incredible. She could read the phone book for me any old time. But it would be amazing to see her talent in a worthy vehicle. What I want to know about this new show is, will she get to dance?
The more-info makes me miss The Tick...

This project kind of makes me think of The Tick too, what with the multiple normalpowered superheroes paradigm (an idea I love, by the way.)
Sounds like Summer is playing the next Chloe Sullivan! I have no problem with this whatsoever. ^_^ The show could be pretty cool!

I still miss T:SCC though. Alas...
I read the blurb and my head immediately went to "Max Headroom". Don't ask.

I knew they wouldn't let Summer lie fallow too long. Miss Thing WORKS.
So should we print out the "Save 'The Cape'" t-shirts now or wait?
Shouldn't those be capes rather than t-shirts?

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