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March 12 2010

Win an autographed Serenity Atlas of the Verse. The "Slice of Sci-Fi" podcast is giving away an autographed copy of the Serenity Atlas of the Verse Volume 1. To enter, just send them an e-mail by March 28.

Awesome...thanks for the heads up! Worth noting that you can enter once a day leading up to the 28th, not just once.
Sweet! Thanks for posting this. :)
(You're welcome - I'm eager for someone who wants it to get it - seeing as I'm the one who'll be doing the signing).
Thats one shiny little thing IŽd like to get my hands on. And some grenades of course. Its always good to have some grenades.

And I can recommend the Slice of Sci-Fi podcast as well. I've been listening to it, and its sister The Dragon Page for many years.

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