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March 12 2010

iFMagazine interview with Christian Kane. Talking his new album, "Leverage," Con-Con and a shout-out to "Angel" fans.

Chris truly seems to be appreciative of his fans. I love his voice. As happy as I've been that the EP was released, I'd be even happier for him to start getting radio play .. he has a great voice, needs to be on the radio.
Absolutely this guy needs to be on the radio! I still wonder what happened a couple years ago. They were going to release the studio version of "More Than I Deserve" as the first single. I find it interesting now it'll be "House rules." After hearing the studio version of MTID, I'm not sure how I feel about that, it's really a beautiful song and could be a hit. I think "House Rules" would be heavily censored on the radio, due to its allusions to drug use.

Just got into Leverage last week and am now almost done with the 2nd season (Thank you Netflix instant play!). Love, love this show! Was pleasantly surprised. It has almost a Firefly feel to it. The cast has great chemistry and I love all the little gold character moments.
Maybe they swapped out "House Rules" for "More Than I Deserve" because MTID was featured on "Leverage," so it's received a wide audience already ...? Just a thought, have no idea of actual reasons.

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