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March 13 2010

Eric Balfour stars in new Roger Corman monster film. Dinoshark debuts on SyFy tonight at 9:00 PM EST.

Roger Corman is shooting another Syfy movie right now. A friend tried to hire me, but they were too cheap for even my heavily discounted rate.

After 30 minutes of Dinoshark, I'm glad they didn't take my rate. In fact, knowing how rushed and stressful the shoot is, I'd only do one in the future for more than my normal rate.

Eric, I hope the experience wasn't as stressed and generally crappy as I'm pretty sure the one Corman's shooting now is. You're a better man than me if you survived it.
Very sad that this is the only work such an excellent actor can get. Anyone who watched Six Feet Under or the short-lived Convictions, knows that Balfour is a serious talent.
I get the feeling that for a lot of actors, having worked for Corman is a badge of honor of sorts, so that may have been what attracted Balfour to this project. That said, I agree with Shey that he's a terrific talent, and he deserves roles worthy of his abilities.

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Eric Balfour is a fine actor but he keeps getting roles like this & that awful Hell Ride. What gives?
My son and I watched most of it Saturday--watching SyFy's monster of the week movies and making fun of the illogic has become a fun new game at our house. Eric's acting stood out, especially compared to the large number of bit characters who spoke in monotones like it was reading aloud in 5th grade. The size changing Dinocroc was of course the star.

And in Eric's defense--he was in Secondhand Lions with Christian Kane, Robert Duvall, etc.

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