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November 13 2003

(SPOILER) New summary available for Angel 5.10 from the Mythical boards and Spoiler Slayer.

This just makes my brain hurt. Weirder and weirder and weirder....

The whole season seems to be turning into 'Restless'. I like :). Who could have predicted this before the season started?
You know what irks me, Simon? The fact this this summary doesn't solve the debate you and I were having about whether those 2 Spike scenes are real! I mean, it sounds like they're really happening (points to me), but then, I agree with Tensai that there's probably nothing about this episode we can trust except that Angel's got a mystical parasite sucking his chest & Spike kills it (points to Simon). And the whole Christian Kane rumor muddies the waters even further.

Very excited about these upcoming eps. 8, 10 & 11 are all so over the top.
Hmm. Sounds interesting. Like a substandard Restless.
Like Life of the Party was a substandard Something Blue, and Unleashed was a substandard Phases.
We're entering uncharted territories here. Only thing I can think of, is some how reality and dream state are blurring into one and so we are both right. Probably. AndI haven't a clue what to expect for episode 12.

Boy those WB execs must be wondering what to make of this season :).
looking forward to this one, indeed.

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