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March 13 2010

Twitter Actor Of The Month. Vote for your favourite Actors on Twitter. James Marsters, Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, Christian Kane and Nicholas Brendon are representing Whedonverse Men and in Actress Of The Month representing the women are Julie Benz, Alyson Hannigan and Felicia Day.

EDIT: Just wanted to point out, you can vote once every 20 minutes.

Except that's not ~really~ James Marsters on twitter,is it? Or does it not matter for this contest?
Where's Adam Baldwin?
DeathIsYourGift I believe it's his website, but like Nicholas's one he probably occasionally tweets himself

The TV Obsessed, I'm guessing no one nominated him, you can add more people to the contest by putting their Twitter name in the submit box at the top of the page, they should instantly appear on the last page
It has to be NPH for me. He was truly appreciative after his tweet last week about the "vitriolic reactions" he'd been reading in response to his Oscar appearance, and fans came out of the woodwork to support him. I can't speak to any verbiage but my own, but it must have been a massive bucking up. I had just watched Jimmy Kimmel's Handsome Men Club video and was in a feisty mood, so I told Neil to please not pay any attention to "Internet punk ass bitches".

Then he not only proceeded to thank us but give information!:

Super kind responses. Word up. Thanks. Oh, FYI: my first day of filming Glee was yesterday. 14 hours. Tired, but worth it. They all rock.

Not bitter, appreciative, and a giver. He gets as many votes as I can cram in ('cause Fry will probably win anyway).
We're not going to start doing these every month, are we?

I'm involved in another site and frankly, these 'contests' have become little more than mass spammage.

Yeah, those Faxo contests are completely pointless (by which I mean, even more pointless than most other such contests on the web), because they start anew every month and their only point is to get people exposed to the myriad ads on that Faxo site.
Waste of time.
Looking through the archives I see we linked to Faxo back in December. So no more for a while I think.
Simon, I did not know that. I did a search and I couldn't see it.

Tai, I also had no idea this was just an ad thing, I just followed a link on a tweet from Julie Benz and since i hadn't seen anyone post it I put it up.
Dang, looks like even Team Barrowman's gonna get its butt kicked this time.
Why does @Jmlive have so many votes? I didn't even know he had a twitter page.

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