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March 13 2010

James Marsters joins Hawaii Five-O pilot. His Facebook page has announced he'll be the bad guy in the remake of the classic '70s show. He's still expected to be be at Wondercon in San Francisco in three weeks.

The pilot will feature fellow former TV vampire Alex O'Loughlin as Steve McGarrett.

Is this just for one episode or is it a recurring role?
It seems it's just a guest appearance. This is from the FB announcement:

"Exclusive Scoop: Aloha fans! James is winging his way to Hawaii to join the cast of CBS's HAWAII FIVE-O Pilot. He will be guesting as the nemesis of lead character Jack McGarrett. (This will not affect his appearance at San Francisco's WonderCon.)"

I really wish he would get on a show full time. I miss him.
Oh, awesome ! And from what I've heard it also stars Daniel Dae Kim, who was a recurring character on Angel. :)

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Simon, that made me choke on my bacon sandwich. Brilliant casting news, lets hope it gets picked up. And also, here's hoping that James will get a recurring role.
There's a Hawaii Five-O remake? Geez. When are they going to remake I Love Lucy?
Simon, that is just too funny.
Excellent news!
Heh heh Simon.
He had some previous experience with sharks, even the demon kind, he'll be fine. Work, work, work, busy bee Mr Marsters.
Jesse - They've already done that. It was called The Nanny.
LOL Simon! He's recurring on Caprica isn't he? He was great in the one episode he's been in so far!
According to AICN, this is going to be a recurring role
Yay! Hope he's going to keep recurring on Caprica too!
Didn't he get injured on Caprica and had to leave?
Gossi - he got injured on Caprica at the end of October but he was back on set in Nov. to finish up his 5 episode stint this season.
Aha! Thanks, RavenU.
I could complain, but I won't. Just glad he's continuing to work on television.
Simon, I really needed that laugh, thanks! And this is the first I've heard about James Marsters being at WonderCon in San Francisco: will he have his own table or is he on a special panel? Anyone know?
Thanks for that info RavenU. Does that mean he is only going to be in five episodes total for Caprica?
Because I am special, I thought, "Oh look, he's died his hair for the role" and then I realised. Simon gets me every time!
You are not the only special one, bubblecat. It exactly what happened in my head when I looked at that picture.
Poor guy is gonna get really hot in whatever I'm-not-Spike variant overcoat they put him in (everybody wave at Smallville and Torchwood!).
I wasn't faked out by Simon's scoop -- too busy wondering yet again how that man made that shirt look hot. *fans self*
KingofCretins said "Poor guy is gonna get really hot in whatever I'm-not-Spike variant overcoat they put him in (everybody wave at Smallville and Torchwood!)."

Erm Captain John wore a short military jacket with jeans and weaponry and Brainiac wore all sorts of things none of which were even vaguely duster like. Maybe you're thinking of the astronaut outfit cos that's sort of duster like in a "totally unlike a duster" style.

Poor James hasn't had a good billowy,swishy coat to wear since AtS finished :)

I'm thinking sharp suits for this role. Eurotrash villains tend to be snappy dressers.

Maybe with a Hawaian shirt lurking beneath the tailoring.
I'm conflating the coat with the writing perhaps, since when I saw him in "Smallville" he was plotting in an alley in an absolutely not Spike way. I won't dignify the "Torchwood" debacle beyond the fact that it was clearly written as pure Spangel-by-proxy badfic. Which, sadly, probably still puts it in the upper end of "Torchwood" in general.

Point is, genre stuff seems to like to shove him into being I'm Absolutely Not Spike far too eagerly, and he deserves better from genre jobs.
The word "nemesis" implies it will be a recurring part. You can't get rid of your nemesis in one episode, can you? Great for James that it will be on CBS, too. Maybe his work on Numb3rs and Without A Trace (also CBS shows) helped bring him to the attention of their casting people.
There are some lovely articles starting to appear about James' casting.

Here's a nice one
That's a nice article.
But -- Scott Caan?
And wasn't the recurring nemesis a guy named Wo Fat or something?
Yes, that was the name of the Big Bad of the old series. This series isn't going to be exactly how you may remember the old one. The idea is to update it. So James will be this series recurring nemesis but it will a completely new character.
I won't dignify the "Torchwood" debacle beyond the fact that it was clearly written as pure Spangel-by-proxy badfic.

Oh sweetie, You say that as if it was a bad thing. *g*
Although on the whole I'm not all that keen on cop shows, I'll watch it for JM alone.

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