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March 14 2010

Buffy on MuchMusic. Our favorite slayer returns to Canada weekdays starting March 15th.

A marathon of the first five episodes from season one will run on Sunday, March 14th starting at 2:00 PM Eastern.

yeah I saw a ad for this and got a little giddy. For every generation they get to watch the slayer.
So, of course, MuchMusic is one of the three or four channels that doesn't get any sound on our television, and nobody at the cable company can seem to tell us why or fix it. Arg.
Yay, a new generation will discover Buffy! Clearly they're courting the Twilight audience, and clearly we'll teach them how to develop good taste!
This is great. I'm tempted to watch it, although that's a bit silly considering I have the entire series on DVD.
I'm watching it right now! It'll be a nice way to rewatch the series without ending up marathoning for an afternoon.
Am I the only one not excited about this? Now all the kids in school will know that I'm not in fact clever or witty and that I use all quotes from the show!
Plus you just know there's going to be those kids who are going to call Giles "guy-els".
The promo's say it was the series that started it all , the vamp mayhem? well not really but I'm not gona say are you! lol
oh don't forget your "Buffy stakes Edward" T/Hood at Jinx!
Cool, I shall be watching. Even though I recently just rewatched the whole series, but I'll do it again.
Sigh. I remember when music television showed mostly music. While Buffy is substantially better tv than the cheap reality and celebrity crap that music television has been airing instead of music, it's still a programming stretch.
There's lots of music at the Bronze.

I noticed during the marathon they advertised no ads on their music stations - which this apparently wasn't anymore.

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