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March 14 2010

These rebels have a cause (dreamy bad boys on film). Pike love. Finally.

Glad you specified it was Pike, not Spike...and his facial hair was terrible!!
No kidding! Poor Pike is so uncelebrated. He's my favorite part of the movie.
Did you... just call me... a man?

That movie is great, I've got fond memories watching it as a child with my older sister. My favorite part of it is when Buffy and Merrick are having that deep convo and Buffy is like "did you just make a joke?" I love that scene quite a bit.
I thought the movie was awful. Same for Alien 4 (only movie I have ever walked out of). But yet I'm an admin at Whedonesque. Funny old world really.
Well, I was 7 years old the first time I watched it, so it's got nostalgia value to me. Plus, I really don't think it was THAT bad.
LOL When I first read this I was like who the hell is Pike? O.O
I'd like to ask the women here who out of that group would be at the top of their date list. The over-the-hill gang of us can play too because we were a lot younger when most of those films came out. I have to admit being fascinated by Bender in The Breakfast Club, and after that it would be Pike, who was goofy and sweet.
first of all, bender followed by pike is my date list also; judd nelson's got all the bad boys beat! second of all, the real, honest to goodness reason i was never able to get into buffy+angel is because my original btvs ship (way back before i even knew that what i was doing had a name) is buffy+pike.

puffy 4 eva!

i can't wait to see luke perry at dragon*con this year.
Pike was the only good part of the Buffy movie. My brother agrees with me, so I'm fairly certain it's not just because I'm a girl. :)

Ever since I saw Heathers, I've loved J.D. I know he goes a little crazy towards the end, but before that he was my perfect bad boy.
The Buffy movie is underrated, as are a few of the performances therein. Joss can throw it under the bus all he wants, but if I hadn't loved that movie, I'd have never agreed to be sat down in front of this show. I thought every corner of Luke Perry's role was just really entertaining, and personally I found him to contain inchoate forms of Xander and Spike both long before they were fully formed ideas. And, dangit, Kristy Swanson did a good job with some of the material that's usually only what we give Sarah credit for, such as the stuff when Buffy and Pike are alone at her house, and also some of her more intimate, bonding scenes with Merrick.

Is Donald Sutherland a douche that likes to change dialogue on set? He may be. Did the Kuzuis see very little past the title and deem the idea of cheerleader vs. vampires nothing but high camp. Perhaps. Would there have ever been a televised series greenlit if that movie was not considered reasonably entertaining (and therefore marketable) by enough people? Nope.

Also, Jason Dean doesn't go a little crazy towards the end of "Heathers" -- he's a homicidal sociopath from the get-go, all that happens by the end is that Veronica realizes it. But answering his whining, angsty question by putting a cigarette in her mouth and waiting for him to light it? Awesome.
I like the movie as well. I remember seeing it at the theater when it came out, and both my date and I enjoying it immensely. I still watch the DVD occasionally. It's not the Buffy the Vampire Slayer I becames obsessed with, but it has it's merits. Pee Wee Herman death scene is silly but hilarious.
BTVS The movie is just horrible. I also thought Aliens 4 was terrible... and I was even underwhelmed by the movie serenity.

I really think Joss should stick to tv shows. he's not good at hitting the ground running (which is something you need to be good at when you're making a 2-3 hour movie). Whereas, when he has time to develop characters and story arcs over multiple seasons, noone is better than him.
Not the biggest fan of the orginal Buffy movie or Aliens 4 either, and I even agree Serenity was a tiny bit underwhelming (it was a bit dissapointing to see a free reign Joss movie didn't match the quality of episodes like the Body or Once more with feeling), but I don't think Joss is no good at hitting the ground running. It took me some time to get into Firefly (though I think that's mostly because I started with the Train Job, Serenity might have done the trick) but Buffy and Angel immideately worked for me. And Dr. Horrible was just excellent in its 40 minutes. Plus Toy Story and Speed were pretty great short forms too.

I'd guess Joss does excell in the sort of 'character moments' that are typically the defining bits in TV, while in the blockbuster type films Joss likes to make they are perhaps more often pushed into the back seat in favor of a more traditional (action packed) main plot. But I don't think that necessarily has to happen. I have high hopes for Cabin :).

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Tonya J, gotta go with JD. I love that movie. "Our love is God. Lets go get a slushie."

I liked the Buffy movie, obviously not as much as the show, but I thought it was a great origin story for the character we know and love. Much better than the small scenes we got in Becoming.
Okay, the movie might have not been the greatest, but there is enough good stuff in it IMO that you can see there's something special trying to get out. I saw it first run in the theaters and liked enough of it, that I bought it on VHS when it was released. (Remember those?) The movie was also enough fun, that I was screamingly excited when I found out that it was actually going to be a tv series. I was taping from day one.

Really, Joss had me at the title. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" just oozes potential.

Favorite approximated movie exchange (It still tickles me.):

Benny: "Let me in Pike. I'm hungry!"

Pike: "You're floating!"

Oh, and Amilyn's (Paul Reubens) death scene? FAB-u-lous.

(I also guiltily admit to having a soft spot for Ren. I paid to see "Footloose" twice in the same day.)
A lot of harsh words going against Joss's film output here, which I don't think is very justified. It has been a long, long time since I saw the Buffy movie, but I remember enjoying it enough. Certainly nothing compared to the series, but an enjoyable, if forgettable, film.

I also think Alien 4 gets a lot of undeserved stick. Again, it doesn't compare to Joss's other work, but it does a good job at building on the Alien franchise and it has some good individual moments, even if the whole doesn't work as well as it could. It is probably better than Alien3, even if it doesn't reach the majesty of Alien and Aliens.

And, as Joss fans, it is nice to see a few touches that would later reappear in Firefly. The crew might have been universally horrid, but you can certainly see the "rogues-turned-good" characterisation being used with the Betty's crew. Whedon's hatred of the film is pretty well documented (I do love the line in Angel where we hear about Fred's father falling asleep during it,) which is fair if it turned out completely differently to how he wanted it to, but I think the general opinion on it is overly harsh.
@Simon: It's silly to think you have to love everything Joss has ever done, or think he's the BEST WRITER EVAR, to be a huge fan of his.

Frankly, I think other TV shows with character arcs have been better (The Shield, Homicide, The Wire, first 4 seasons of West Wing, etc...), but I've still bought every series (and Serenity) that Joss has made and try and turn on every friend I have to his work.

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