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March 14 2010

(SPOILER) More details about Summer Glau's character "Orwell" in The Cape. Courtesy of KSiteTV. In addition to the Hollywood Reporter's original article, see also for even more info as well as for a script review.

I want a lair.
I hear they're cheap these days.
I just got even more excited for this show.
It's true, the best part of my three years as an independent blogger covering local politics full time was the penthouse lair overlooking the city.
For some reason that makes me think of Darkwing Duck. Not sure why - it's been a while.
I want an underground lair. With a view.

And sharks with laser beams.
So he's like Batman without either the cash or the loner persona but there's circus freaks and Summer Glau? I'm interested.

zz9, Dr. No's Crab Key Lair would probably answer all your needs. As I recall, it was posh, underground, and had a lovely view of swimming sharks. In today's housing market I'm sure they would throw in the lasers too if it would help close the deal. Of course it might need a tiny bit of renovation. But you know, being a fixer-upper means that it's most likely still available.

The Lair

[ edited by BreathesStory on 2010-03-15 20:39 ]
I read the book a long time ago Breathes Story, and can remember Dr No saying, Dr Evil style, "One million dollars!" as the cost of building it.

I guess inflation may have pushed that up a tad since.

/Mind you, he did live on an island covered in bird shit.

(Looking at the pics you linked I'm still awed by the set design of this and most early Bond's. They really set the tone for Evil Lairs. The ship with two nuclear subs inside it makes even the Dollhouse set look modest....)

[ edited by zz9 on 2010-03-15 21:57 ]
zz9, there's a market for bird guano, so one could presumably sell the stuff to fertilizer (and explosives) manufacturers for enough bucks to pay the utility bills and pool-cleaners.

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