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March 14 2010

Pre-order the next 3 Dresden Files books narrated by James Marsters. That's Changes, Dead Beat and Blood Rites.

If you have not listened to any of these audio books, you are missing out. With all of the voices and accents that James has for each character, it is like a movie playing in my head.
Oh good, for a second I thought this was a front-page story about what books James Marsters was catching up on in his personal reading. :)
I love the Dresden Files, and James does a fantastic job reading them. And woah, the price Buzzy is offering is even cheaper than Amazon! Let's see: Support an awesome independent bookstore with top-notch customer service, save money, and delight my eardrums all at once? Yeah, my decision is made for me. :D
One more month until Changes comes out... :)

I've really wanted to listen to one of the audios for a while now. I heard a sample recording a while back, and it was amazing. I've never really liked audiobooks (prefer having the book in my hand), but these would definitely be worth it.
Someone may want to clarify in the post that these are not the "next three" Dresden books. Changes is the 12th book of the series, and new, but Blood Rites and Dead Beat are the sixth and seventh books of the series, respectively, just now being released in audio format.
These audio books are great companions on long drives. But watch out for the naughty bits ... I almost drove into a ditch when listening to a Harry/ Susan scene :)
I nearly drove into a ditch from the Harry/Susan scenes, too... and I was riding the bus.
Will we ever get more Dresden on TV?
I can't wait to have all the Dresdan Files on audio. They are amazing. I have wrangled with whether to get these as CDs or as a DL with my audible account. I have credits saved at Audible and it would be 1/3 the price but I love and always want to support the Buzzy Ladies and I have all the others as CDs sitting on my bookshelves next to my Dresdan books.
I listen to these in my truck, as I am not close to anything, so makes the drive fun. And it does not get any better than listening to the sexy voice of James in the hot scenes. I have them all and have listened to them several times, and am signed up for these next 3.

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