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November 13 2003

Overnights for 'Lineage'. The show got 4.0/6. In related news, The WB put Tarzan to sleep last week, NBC has attacked Nielsen's new statistical sampling and Smallville and Angel are preempted on November 26th.

It's funny how network execs usually blame everything *except* themselves, although Jeff Zucker initially admitted that "...some of [their] programming just sucked..." (probably in regards to their fledgling series Coupling, which was cancelled). Don't forget that Fox cancelled their much-hyped series Skin after just three episodes and will be plowing through this season's Joe Millionaire (when Fox milked it for ratings and then some last season).
Well, it's good to know that the best show on television will be preempted for something socially redeeming and utterly absorbing and not just some rubbish for the masses.
Wait...Josie and the Pussycats? I stand corrected.
Angel down below 70 percent retention from Smallville...Yikes!
Well it's not that surprising. Smallville and Angel are very different in tone. Was it Drew Goddard who pointed that out too? Forget, it was some Angel writer.
Well it's true. Angel is dark, funny, witty and surprising. Smallville is Dawson's Creek with a sniff of superpowers thrown in. Sure we say it's Superman but it's really about pretty teens having trouble going steady. And generally the crowd that really is into that will not really get a show like Angel. (and yes I'm sure there are exceptions but apparently this is the overall case isn't it?)

Can't say a different spot would make much difference though. But then the entire rating system has always seemed a tad dubious to me.
You miss the point EdDantes...It is all about retention of viewers and advertising dollars...If Angel doesn't keep Smallville viewers then the WB loses advertising dollars which makes the corporate execs VERY unhappy...It doesn't matter how similar or dissimilar the shows are...because it doesn't matter. What does matter is the max amount of viewers to entice advertisers to pay for airtime...

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