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March 15 2010

Juliet Landau interviews Amy Acker. Amy discusses the diversity of working on a show like Angel and more.

Bit by a radioactive spider. Knew it.
Le sigh. Love both women. Love these interviews.

Wonder if Juliet does a piece on Joss though.
When I interviewed her last month and she mentioned some of the folks she would be speaking with, Joss's name didn't come up but who knows? Time will tell.
This sounds dangerus. My two favorite Whedonesque women at the same time, such an event may cause the universe to implode... or at least my head :)
I really love all these interviews she's been doing.
Also, getting to see Amy talk about Angel is always pretty great.
I'd love a Juliet Landau interviewing Drusilla video.
Fantastic fantastic interview, I can't help but smile when I see her on screen, its impossible not too! So good!

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I have seen so little of Amy and this was SUCH a treat! What a lovely, lovely person she is! I still struggle a little to see the ultimate relevance to Take Flight (I'm sorry, Juliet) but even/particularly when considered as a small independent series of interviews, I think Juliet has done a great job interviewing some remarkable individuals. :)
Now I'm excited for Amber B. and Adam B. :)
I could watch Amy Acker talk to a camera all day.
How about Drusilla interviewing Illyria? :)
Drusilla interviewing Illyria:

Drusilla: "You are blue, but not really you, are you well, in the shell?"

Illyria: "Get away from me, you impertinent muck."
Amy Acker is neat.
It's always cool to see members of the Association for Former Profesional Ballet Dancers Routinely Employed By Joss Whedon crossing paths - on screen and off.
As far as I know Juliet is the only one who hasnt actually danced on screen yet though. A ballet show with the three of them, that would be great Mr Whedon ;)

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