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March 15 2010

Nick Brendon Meet and Greet Album. The first photos are rolling in from the Nick at Night Meet and Greet held this weekend!

The first, of hopefully many, meet and greet hosted by Nick Brendon happened Saturday night 3/13/10 following one of the last performances of his recent play, Why Torure is Wrong, and The People Who Love Them. Check out some of the photos posted on Nick's Facebook page... more pictures will be posted soon... keep an eye out for where!

They're so lucky! Sigh.
ya know... i was there, with a bunch of friends, and can i just say that it was a ton of fun? seriously. i'm not just saying that because i think he should do more of these type of events... Nick went above and beyond to make the evening fun for everyone. lots of face time, lots of personal stuff... one of the best events i've ever been to. Much credit to Jacqui for wrangling him throughout... :)
threw some of my photos up too
He's lookin' good. Gotta love the hat.

He looks like he was genuinely having a good time.

mr.mole1 That link only works for those of you who are on Facebook.
Well, y'know, there are worse gigs to have then wrangling Nicholas Brendon for the night.

And ShadowQuest, he did have a good time! 'Cause I know how to throw a shindig.
J.Monique Had I been able to put together my convention, Nick was a guest I would have jumped at the chance of asking to attend.

'course, there's that pesky little not-having-any-money problem.

He just seems like he'd be a swell guy to spend time with.

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