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March 16 2010

(SPOILER) Interview with Felicia Day about bringing The Guild to comics. Plus two preview pages of The Guild #1

This includes two new previously-unseen preview pages. Looks like we get the first glimpse of angry/flirtatious Tinkerballa. The "Sir Loop-A-Lot!" game from the show also makes an appearance, along with some of its "back-story." In the interview, Felicia echoes some of the observations explored previously here at Whedonesque when we saw the last set of preview pages: Don't expect this to be a light-hearted romp, and consider the challenges of life in one's 20s.
P.S. Arriving in stores in 1 week!
Spoiler tagged since it's new content. I'm looking forward to reading these, the previews have been great.
"There is that point in your mid-'20s, after you get out of college and you've lived on your own a couple of years," she explained. "Until that point, you've lived your life from year to year, going from test to test, with this idea that when you graduate life's really going to happen. And then you leave school and realize life is happening, but you're just treading water. That's what I wanted to capture in Cyd's story and in her spirit."

It's sad how perfectly this described my life right now.

I'm very excited for this, it'll be torture to wait until it gets shipped to me.

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