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November 13 2003

Herc's seen Drew Goddard's first Angel.

Sorry for the late link, but Herc's been posting these later and later it seems.

Herc's "not so good" comment complains about how he wanted info about Buffy & Giles & Faith - hey, I think we're all at least mildly curious - but then, El Roger Robotico wouldn't know anything about them, now would he? I've read more insightful critiques elsewhere today; this ep deserved a full 4 stars.
Exactly. You really can't trust anything Wesley's "father" told him about the Watcher's Council. Overall, I thought it was a terrific episode. It seems like they're trying to get back to the darker Wesley of the last season, even though it's still unclear just how much of last season actually took place except in Angel's memories. (Obviously, Wesley remembers how Lilah was killed by a higher power and that he cut off her head, so memories of Jasmine if not Connor must still remain.) I've really been quite pleased with this season so far, for the most part.
All in all a great episode..but where did it take us? What qustions were answered?

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