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March 17 2010

The Periodic Table of Sci-Fi Film and Television. Firefly gets the symbol Fy. A bigger version of the print can be found here.


I just want it inside of me.

I know Buffy isn't hard sci-fi but I'm still bummed it's not on there.
Not hard sci-fi? Aside from the Trio's tech/robots, Buffy isn't really sci-fi at all...

In any event, I want. And $28 for the large edition isn't bad, either. I think I might get this.
Well there are only so many spots. Not including fantasy/horror does make sense to me. I would sooner like to see stuff the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy or Farscape included. But I quite like it as it is already.
electricspacegirl I'm w/ you dude. I'd consider Buffy Scifi/Fantasy.
But The Groosalugg is right too, there were plenty of other scifi staples missing from that chart.
But still an amusing table. I chuckled.
That could maybe be the coolest thing I've ever seen.
the Groosalugg, I agree--there can be as many spots as they want to make...and IMO, if you're gonna do something like this, I think Farscape deserves a mention. (Certainly more than a yet to be released Tron sequel or Mystery Science Theater 3000)

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Very amusing but yeah, it's missing a few. Godzilla movies? Those are pretty elemental in the genre. So is Jules Verne's influence. Some of the earliest films ever made were sci-fi based on his stories.

I agree that "Farscape" is a glaring omission but... did I just miss it or did they really NOT include "Blade Runner?" Way too many creators site it as an influence for it to be left off the chart.

"Lexx" on the other hand, would probably be inert if they had included it, but it probably isn't elemental enough for the chart, so I understand it's omission. ; )

edited to add: In fact, I think in general the chart is skewed a little too much toward recent productions. I'm not totally up on my film/tv history by any means, but I think it would have been a better chart if they had taken the perodic chart paradigm more literally. "Metropolis?" "Invasion of the Body Snatchers?" I'm pretty sure they should be on there somewhere...

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"Metropolis?" "Invasion of the Body Snatchers?" I'm pretty sure they should be on there somewhere...

And it is! Though I do agree it seems a bit skewed towards the now, "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" does actually happen to be on the table (74).
Oops. Heh. Put it down to too many scannings with crossed eyes. This is why everyone can use an editor.
Umm, M (Rotwang) appears to refer to Metropolis, doesn't it?
LOL. Yeah you're right palehorse. I'm ashamed to say I have never seen the movie, so I missed that one.
Farscape could be one of the molecular formulas: Fu + 2TOS, maybe?
One of the few areas of common ground amongst the many and varied definitions of science fiction that have been proposed is that it is *not* supernatural. So despite a few sf elements within Buffy it's difficult to see how it could have fitted in. Difficult to understand Dark Shadows being there for the same reason.
Happy to see Dark Angel on there too :)
@Groosalugg, everyone should see Metropolis at least once. I'm hoping that the recent discovery of the full film--with all the missing footage--will soon be available on DVD. TCM is announcing that they are showing Metropolis "with lost footage" at their classic film festival in April, and I'm wondering if this is the Argentina footage--or the 2002 version of the film, which also included previously lost footage.
Why is their (apparently chronological) order TNG - VGR - DS9 instead of TNG - DS9 - VGR?

And agreed on classic films such as "Metropolis," "The Day the Earth Stood Still" etc.
I'm surprised Earth: Final Conflict got on there. I thought I was the only one who watched it. I've thought about how a remake could be done, but since a lot of its futuristic technology exists now, it would have to be set in the past, or the same time of the original series. Also V is largely the same premiss so it probably wouldn't be done.
It had some truly great episodes and stories and some very bad ones, mostly at the end. Thus good material for a remake.
"Forbidden Planet" seems missing as well. Sad, because it's the granddaddy of just about anything with "Star" or "Space" in the title.
I think that Hitchhiker's Guide is a particularly glaring omission. It should go just above futurama.
Hmm, I was having a good time until I noticed InJ, element 73.

If you include that then it nullifies the entire project.
I would definitely remove Dark Angel in favor of Buffy {couldn't get into Drk to save my life}, and either get Angel through a combo or substitute him somewhere else. Does T23D really even count as TV or a movie? Plus Scc might be expressed as Tm2(Bf)+ 2Bio. Now that we have at least 2 spaces free, there's plenty of room for B & A... ;^)

On the other hand, since Drk did air first, Buffy could equal Drk(Dk) + Dn {young female butt-kicker with vampires, doomed loves, adolescent angst and deep emotional content.}

Hitchhiker's Guide is a must for column XII, given Marvin the Paranoid Android as a robotic classic. Forbidden Planet could list there too for Robby the Robot, or maybe formulated as Ol(An) {classic sci-fi tale, the Creature from the Id and the "twist" of its origin} + Irn(Xo) {Robby the Robot and the space soldiers} + Sm {romantic element.}

So many possibilities... I'm still trying to figure out the combo for the Lone Gunmen, an old fave of mine. XFi + 3GAm {klutzy hero/es and humor} + ...? How would you derive Max Headroom? And digupherbones is right, InJ 73 doesn't quite fit, it's more historic action/adventure with fantasy/horror leanings than sci-fi. So what fills that spot instead?

I just realized that a.) this is far too much fun for this late at night, I need to sleep, and b.) I am such a geek. :^/
There's definitely a lot to like about this chart and I may buy one. Thanks to Simon for posting.

But I absolutely agree that there are several glaring omissions and a couple of questions. The omissions of Farscape and Hitchhiker's Guide are inexcusable. Which V is that? As has been said, Indiana Jones and Dark Shadows? Really?

While I like Somewhere in Time, if you include that, then shouldn't we also see other movies with more Time Travel like Time Bandits and Philadelphia Experiment ?

While not a fan, I can live with Silver Hawks and Go-Bots, but if you include those, then there's zero excuse to exclude Robotech or Star Blazers.

And yet again The Advs of Brisco County Jr is excluded as sci-fi? That's inexcusable imo.

As much as I like Buffy then I don't mind it's omission as there just wasn't that much sci-fi in the show, except for a bit in S6. Dark Angel definitely was sci-fi though.

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