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March 17 2010

Nick Brendon allegedly tazed and arrested in Venice, CA. TMZ has the news. E! Online has a similar write-up.

This is certainly unexpected. Thanks for posting, I'll be certain to follow this.

On another note, am I the only one annoyed by the "Xander is not annoying" comments at E! Online? I also don't agree with that bit in the short article, but it's not the topic at hand.
What? Poor guy. Team it cops.
Is it just me or is he starting to look like Bruce Campbell?
Well... hopefully it was for a good cause.
Nice jacket but I don't like the beady necklace with it.
I'm sure it was a minor incident. Sounds like things just got a bit out of hand.

Yay, publicity?

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Poor guy. I do hope that this is just a small glitch and that everything's okay for him asap.
He's had a struggle with staying sober, so things like this are never minor. A symptom of a larger problem. I can only hope this finishes waking him up and he can finally keep himself straightened out. I honestly wish him the very best.
Is it true that he's had a serious drinking problem in the past -- according to a couple commenters at TMZ who might know nothing?
I hope he gets better soon.
Wow Simon that thread was almost exactly six years ago. I hope for Nick's sake this is just a small fall off the wagon and he continues to recover.
Gossi: oh, Nick was exactly my reaction.
I hope this is a wake-up call. We had to say goodbye to Glenn Quinn for all the wrong reasons. I don't want to see that here, either.
I hope he gets the help he needs and is better soon.
Such a terrible disease.
So sad. I hope he gets back to where he was. And I hope he knows people care about him.
Yes, horrible news...but eonline gets the 3-17-10 award for best one-liner,

"We just want to know if the Hellmouth was somehow behind this."
Oh this makes me sad. I'd really hoped he'd stay sober, considering that this has obviously been an ongoing problem for him. I hope, as others do, that this is a momentary slip up. I want him back in action and on my TV again!
Poor bubala. I hope he has support. It's a hard 'nough thing even with help. People fall off wagons - but they can get back up.

My best to him.
Sad. =/
Hope it all turns out well...
Agreed with everyone, this is very sad. I do wonder how accurate these reports are, though. Over here entertainment/celebrity news is usually ridiculously untrustworthy and many a time makes more of an otherwise very small incident.

Having said that, if this is all correct, here's hoping Nicky learns to live with this disease. People fall off the wagon all the time, it's the getting back on part that's important.
He just had a friendly meet and greet with fans, too. :/ They only just posted the photos on Facebook.
Oh, Nick. Hope you recover.
When I moved here six years ago, I had a script for a TV pilot called ALTER EGO that was making the rounds. Nick and I have the same business managers, so they snuck him a copy of the script. He read it and met with me and I pitched all around town. Due to no fault of Nick's (everyone in this town loves him, rightfully so) it didn't get picked up, but I remember being amazed that this insanely talented dude was also one of the nicest people I've met in this town. Loved talking to him, I'm sure I'll work with him in the future (if he'll have me!) and I hope he gets whatever help he may need so he can show the world what anyone who watches BUFFY already knows: he's simply one of the most likable and talented comedic performers working today.
Well said, Brian Lynch!
It's good to hear that everyone in town loves him. I hope he can get the help he needs and has the suppport of his friends and family.
And like gossi ... my first response was 'oh Nick' :-(
Why only bad news spread so fast?
Best wishes to Nick. Here's hoping those with "the powers that be" will be be there for this talented man who has brought much happiness to so many.
Why only bad news spread so fast?

To answer anca's question, because it the news thoughtless people like to spread.
I agree with Brian Lych. Nick was great in Santaland Diaries, and he is just a great guy. Let's hope for a speedy recovery
Very unfortunate news indeed. I wouldn't wish a tazing upon my worst enemy, those things should be abolished or at least reworked.
Sending positive thoughts. Dang. What a shame.
So sad to hear this. I remember when he went into rehab years ago and I felt so happy for him.
I can't imagine having to struggle with something like this in the public eye. Best wishes to Nick.
I feel so bad for him. And the press goes so far out of their way to embarass people in situations like that.
Agreed Bryan Lynch, totally.

I was stunned when I saw this article, how sad. But I hope all is well and things don't get worse for the guy. I thought he was doing so well with his Play and he JUST had that meet & greet. Aw :(

Oh my god... right my fingers are going in my ears and i'm yelling because I just refuse to believe this until Nick himself confirms it.

I just can't believe this, let me live in my happy little bubble where this is just TMZ and ET making things up. I was lucky enough to go to Hallowhedon and meet Nick and there couldn't be a nicer guy around.

I just can't believe this is real and I don't care if i'm in denial, denial works for me.
Oh no. I hope everything works out okay. naughty boy!! Hitting the po-po is a no-no! I guess Nick was celebrating St. Paddy's Day a little too early!
Oh dear. I'm so sorry - if it's not true it's publicity he doesn't need, and if it is true, it's very sad indeed. I know what a terrible struggle it can be and I can only wish him well in his fight. It's so very upsetting when really nice, talented people fall victim to this curse.
:( Sad times.
Relapse is part of recovery. There are a lot of people out here who care about you, Nick.
Wow I'm shocked.
These people have the hardest time staying on the wagon, they are very sensative(sp) and everything hurts them something aweful. I have seen it to many times. Much Good mojo and prayers sent, 'never give up! never surrender!'
The world is getting harder and harder to bear...
This makes me really sad. He seems like a genuinely nice guy. I hope he gets help and starts working again really soon.
Very sad news, but as evidenced in this thread he is well loved and I hope that he gets the treatment that he needs.
Tasers shouldn't be legal, cops abuse their use on a regular basis (what a shock).

Gotta pick yourself up and get back to battling those demons, Nick. The gods know we all have them, in one form or another.

The poor guy, disturbing the peace does not warrant a tasing!! Cops should hit the treadmill and stop relying on brute force!!

All the best to the big guy...hope he can get back on track and whatever took him off gets sorted!!
I think the cop-bashing is unnecessary, but I hope for the best for Nick. I've never met him, but everything I've seen of him, he seems like a really sweet guy.
Pity the E Online blogger frames his treatment of the man around his feelings about the character he plays (so perhaps, if he had most notably played a vicious serial killer, the blogger would be calling for his execution over this?). I mean the insensitivity on its own would be bad enough, but when combined with this inanity...

Hope Mr Brendon gets over this rough patch.
I saw him at Comicpalooza Houston on March 27. He looked great and was happy to talk to us. Very sweet guy, it was an honor to meet him.

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