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March 17 2010

The Bronze is one of 18 classic movie/TV bars. So says Entertainment Weekly.

Dangit, I was so excited to post this and then I get here and you've done it for me. xP

The Bronze was awesome, though I thought it was odd that Willow was so comfortable there. Also, I could have sworn that they were drinking before season six, and not just in Beer Bad.
No Shooters? Say what?! Also, while I do love It's Always Sunny, I wouldn't really call it classic since, you know, it's still all new.
It's the Nag's Head for me. But not for the meat pies.
Rick's café would probably be my number one (who doesn't love Casablanca), but The Bronze is certainly a close second and a first when counting just contemporary bars. It's kinda nineties, but I still wouldn't be ashamed to hang out there. It still looks great, with the whole industrial/dark vibe, and the music's usually not too shabby. Maybe the high school crowd would turn me off though, these days.

I'd name McLaren's Pub as a favorite third (though I loved Central Perk more as a hangout, but then a coffee house isn't a pub :)). I'd say from all of these, McLaren's is closest to my regular pub, but still not quite (same size, but fewer tables, which leaves more room for standing around and even dancing, in the weekends).
Buffy had The Bronze and Angel had Caritas. If Whedon decides to return to television, I hope he creates a similar venue. Those were fun. Loved the music.
Top 3:

1) Cheers (Cheers)
2) The Reagle Beagle (Three's Company)
3) Kelsey's Bar (All in the Family
Oh and Caritas as well.
I just love the fact they mentioned Sterling Cooper. Given the amount of drinking that does happen there...
Didn't The Bronze start a thing on tv with musical bands appearing in a show?
I was just about to say Caritas; I still we had seen more in there during Angel.
Bronze = KICK ASS! (totally would've hung out there!)
Paddy's = Fantastic.
Moes = LOVE IT!
LOBO = Old School Joss!
Double Deuce = Aww Swayze!
Winchester Arms = Jolly Good
Mclaren's = PRICELESS!
The Bronze is a given, but how much do I love that The Slaughtered Lamb is on that list!! I've lost count of how many times I've seen An American Werewolf in London and all of that play on image with the sign hanging outside foretelling some horrible fate and the cold reception the two boys get, their faux pas of asking about the pentagram on the wall, the bad joking around, and of course, the caring what happens to them way too late for Jack: "We must go to them!" Duh.
Not many California highschoolers have a place like The Bronze to hang out. Most of them are stuck with The Mall.

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