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March 18 2010

(SPOILER) Amy Acker is pivotal. Human Target star Mark Valley discusses Amy Acker's character along with the show itself. Light spoilers peppered throughout so take care.

I always knew Brad Chase and Fred were going to get together.

That's one inhumanly good-looking episode of TV they're gonna have there.
I should've known it would be her (and am I the only one who got major Jubal Early-ish vibes from Baptiste in episode 8?)
You know, I've been meaning to check this show out since pilot season. Mark Valley + Chi McBride + Weekly Action Fun = Win. I'm not sure why I didn't bother checking it out. But Amy Acker has finally encouraged me to do it, and I've acquired the first episode. Don't let me down!
Not to mention Jackie Earle Haley (who essentially plays me - if I were a fictional character in a tv show.)

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