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March 17 2010

(SPOILER) TFAW presents part 1 of Scott Allie at ECCC 2010. Allie talks about some basic scheduling stuff: the 3-month break between #35 and #36, the Patton Oswalt penned "Serenity: Float Out", the Riley one-shot, some hype-building for Joss' finale. Also, the cliffhanger... it pertains to Buffy "Season 9", and cuts off at the worst possible moment. Wait for Part 2.

Very interesting video.So Buffy Season 9 is no longer Season 9?It's bigger then a season.Can't wait for the next part.
I think it may have to do with their new approach to the narrative structure of the Buffy series. One of the major complaints commonly leveled at Season 8 is that it seemed to stretch on too long, and some of the more intriguing plot points dragged on and lost steam.
I think they'll probably adopt an approach that utilizes shorter self-contained arcs, that will eventually build into a larger story. That seems to work really well with Grant Morrison's current Batman and Robin run.
It does in fact cut off at the worst possible moment. I was just going to find out who Twilight is!
Most interesting sentence: "We're going to have a really aggressive approach to Joss' books in 2011."
That and the part where he's trying very hard to answer the question at the end without saying something in particular. :) Or so I think.
Intriguing bit about Season 9 being "so big."
Most interesting sentence: "We're going to have a really aggressive approach to Joss' books in 2011."

Good. Because the marketing for the Buffy season 8 comic books over the last two years has been woefully inadequate.
Maybe what would have been Season 9 will feel too short or be so focused that it's more comparable to what a Buffy TV mini-series or direct-to-DVD movie may've looked like. So naming it a "season" wouldn't fit. That's my guess. It's more of a Buffy event, than simply Season 9.

If they're gonna continue for a while (hopefully not too much longer because, while I love Buffy, I do want it to end again), I'd rather see them keep going like that, in shorter, less frequent bursts of storytelling, rather than feel like they need to churn out a monthly or bi-monthly title for 3 to 5 years at a time.

Scott has very curly hair (noticed this in photographs and the few times he's been drawn), it's pretty cool IMO. I like that he's soft-spoken, well-spoken, and sorta nebbishly cute. He also gets mad props for continuing to refuse to give in to spoilerphiles.
i could not understand but a few words of this. thank you for the summery.
3 month break?!? Noooo!!!
Yeah, it's a three month break. We'll be getting the Wash one-shot ("Serenity: Float Out") in June, nothing in July, and the Riley one-shot in August. Then #36 in September, and from what it sounded like, the Shepherd Book graphic novel ("Serenity: A Shepherd's Tale") will come out in September too, despite earlier reports saying November.
I... don't watch videos of panels, find them dreadfully boring for some reason. So, why is there a three month break?

Good news about "season 9". Provided 'bigger' doesn't mean as long, rambly and unfocused as season eight (the complaints of which will probably disappear when there are Season 8 part 1 and season 8 part 2 Omnibi on the shelves).
The three month break is a scheduling thing. It was originally planned to be a two month break (as explained in one of the SlayAlive Q&As), with June being the Serenity month, and July being a Buffyverse release month. The break's necessary to allow Joss to write his scripts, allow Georges to draw the scripts, then send them off to inking, coloring and lettering, all before even hitting the printers.
Except, aren't books meant to hit the publisher (to allow for everythin to be fin alised and prepared for printing), three to six months before the issue is due to hit, to negate things such as long breaks, no matter how much the writer or artist has on their plate?

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