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November 14 2003

(SPOILER) AtS S5x08 'Destiny' trailer. This is a great WB promo, sets the mood perfectly for next week's episode.

Verry promising trailer. Diving into Angel and Spike's past, their rival-brother type relationship. And yeah, didn't we all know Angelus probably kept on shagging Dru even after William joined them.

And to have Juliet back in scenes with both her 'boys' should be grrreat fun. Not to mention the fight I've been waiting for for a while now. Spike and Angel duking it out. I don't even care who wins as long as this is a real dragged out slugfest. None of the whimpy nonsene from S1 where Spike barely got one punch in. That was so "Oh Angel is the lead in this new show! Gotta let him win all the fights with ease!"

Spike always fared at least as well as Angelus against Buffy. I could see either of them win in a fight against each other. But whoever wins it should be a great epic fight! I actually hope no one wins!
(Sorry my inner geek got giddy after seeing the trailer)

One thing though, am I the only one who noticed that in the QT online file of the trailer the shot of Angelus on top of Dru with her legs wrapped around his hips was neatly cut out? Because I DISTINCTLY remember seeing that on TV, heh.
I think the Spike/Angel slugfest is gonna be everything we've wanted and more. Lots of action, lots of nasty banter - every ugly thing you've ever imagined Spike & Angel wanted to say to one another, now is their chance. Who wins - and why - will just keep the good times rolling.
Where's Darla?
Where's Darla?

Good question. Thing is, time spent explaining why Darla let Angelus screw Dru is time not spent explaining how Spike felt about it. I want to know, and I want Darla back, but it doesn't fit the requirements of the ep.
I read in a recent Julie Benz interview that she had not been approached for season 5. I reckon there may not be any money for her in the budget.

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