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March 18 2010

Amber Benson comments on the Buffy reboot movie. She tells On The Red Carpet "And I am like it's not really Buffy without Joss. So I wouldn't be in unless he was in."

That's a great sentiment (and haircut) but slightly undermined by the fact she acknowledges they probably wouldn't be reusing the characters anyway.

I suppose there's the possibility it'd be one of those relaunched franchises that want an original cameo to look like they're "passing the torch" but I thought generally they go for the biggest players even general audiences recognize. (I hope SMG would stick by her guns and be reluctant to cameo without eying over the script first if they ever offer her.)
I haven't heard anything about the movie since the news came out a while back. I wonder if the backlash from fans and commentators put the PTB off from pursuing it.
Only yesterday I was wondering why we haven't heard more about the reboot. Still think it's a ridiculous idea.

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The poll linked on the article is lacking. They should have had an entry for "Not without Joss helming." entry.
Well Tara is sorta... dead, so being in the movie would be tough (but always possible in movieland). Joss should create a movie that involves all the characters he has killed off: Tara, Anya, Joyce, Jenny, Penny, Wash, etc. A sort of "zombie mashup".
Oh, or maybe in the "heaven" place where Buffy went when she died... like evil somehow creeps into that heaven dimension and they all have to band together to defeat so they can live (?) their afterlife in peace.

I like it! I smell fanfic all over this. W00t.
Tara, Penny and Cordelia: Wash's Angels? Topher can be Bosley.
The reboot is supposed to be of the movie, not the TV Series, so it has a strike against it to begin with. The whole reboot thing is getting old, and this is really not a good idea
I favor the "Archangel Tara returns with a vengeance and the Scoobies must deal" theme, but then I tend to like the oddball story lines. I always thought Tara was underdeveloped in the series.

If Joss did a Buffy movie, it would probably center on "Buffy/Angel" angst. That's okay, just kinda predictable.
Its obvious to me that none of the tv show actors will have anything to do with a Joss-less Buffy reboot. I think it would be perceived as a major slap in the face to Joss and to the fans. (orangewaxlion, I wouldn't hold my breath--I think even a cameo by Smige is out of the question)

How does that old phrase go? Dont shit where you eat.
Well not that I actually want anyone from the show involved with the remake-- or for it to happen at all-- but it does seem to be in vogue. The Charlie's Angel movies eventually got a former angel, I heard for the planned TV revamp Drew Barrymore was rumored to try and make it more of a film derivation, there's at least one Smurf from the cartoon versions, and in Clash of the Titans they will still have some sort of nod to that silly golden owl robot/droid... Then most horror movies at least have shot or score homages.

Also, I was under the impression that if studios maybe have learned that Whedon fans may have tastes that align with critics and are very dedicated, but if we don't necessarily have the power to make something a success I don't get why they would kill a project largely because of us.
I think this remake might happen because vampires are way too popular right now for the studio not to try to cash in on the trend. I think if it does, it will probably happen on the cheap--meaning no big salaries for name actors from the TV show. I seriously doubt SMG or in fact anyone else would be asked to cameo--the price would be too high and the Vampire Slayer concept is strong enough to start over with unknowns if you have the right script. If they could get someone like, say, Kevin Williamson (Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer) to write the script they might be able to set themselves up with a unique horror franchise--for once, the star would be the hero, not the villain. The problem, in many ways, is the name "Buffy". Because then you're taking the perfectly serviceable Vampire Slayer horror concept that could potentially have long legs if handled correctly (as well as a built-in justification for changing the series lead and supporting cast every few movies and rebooting from scratch, since these girls tend to die in battle), and you're changing its focus to one specific girl, Buffy, who, yes, does have name recognition, but at the same time is inextricably tied to the TV show and to an actress who is still out there making films.

I'm assuming all of this has already been debated in some conference room somewhere, but the Vampire Slayer concept, minus Buffy, could be a unique sort of anti-Twilight franchise for that teen girl audience, with the pitch that now they can see a girl taking action instead of just being the breathless love interest of the brooding, Byronic hero. The other advantage of not using Buffy at all is the studios get some distance from a fanbase (not to mention actors, writers and producers) of BtVS that will resent them all the way through opening day, providing lots of bad, buzz-killing publicity. I say, if they're going to remake BtVS, take out the "B" and create a new Slayer. Buffy has been done, brilliantly, on television. And now it's over: the actors have moved on. The studio should too--if they want BtVS to be a franchise they should give us a Star Trek: The Next Generation style continuation with new characters, not a "Star Trek: The Movie" style continuation with all the original roles recast. Because William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy may be nearly 80, but Sarah is still in her early thirties.
The Batman, Bond and Star Trek reboots being successful are the exception, not the rule. The Buffy series was in fact a reboot of the original movie, which is a guilty pleasure for me but in no way a good movie or a success. The odds are longer on this project than if they just created something new. I really don't understand the thinking at all.

I'm going back to my BtVS season 8 comics now and ignoring this silliness, thank you.
Tara couldn't be in it 'cos of rights issues - Fox own her as she's a direct product of their TV series.

If I worked at a studio and saw the outpouring of negative reaction when this was announced and somebody walked into my office asking for $40m, I'd have to think about it.
I like that fanfic idea,Jesse. I would certainly like a story that explores the heaven part of the buffy mythos.

A new film, a new story with a different cast and a different Slayer? A completely new take? that may have a ,say, 5% chance of not being utterly bad but it would depend on who wrote and directed. I think it could be done well but I also think it's far more likely it'll end up like those silly direct-to-dvd sequels like cruel intentions that have absolutely nothing to recommend them.

now, if you wanted to use buffy in some way, I'd use buffy as a show, have someone,a fan, who decides that she will become a slayer even if she isn't the chosen one and goes out and hunts the things that go bump in the night, it'd be a hommage sort of thing.

but a new movie wouldn't,I think, respect the original in any way and buffy already has a cringe-worthy movie, it doesn't need another one cause it would definitely be so bad it's horrible.
I like the idea of the "Next Generation" idea. Star Trek did it. The whole "one girl in every generation" thing kinds lends itself to a TNG type thing. But hopefully season 8 wraps up with all slayers except Buffy and Faith losing their powers in order to restore the balance. Then this kind of thing could work. But since the comics are canon and there are thousands of slayers... maybe not.
If Joss did a Buffy movie, it would probably center on "Buffy/Angel" angst. That's okay, just kinda predictable.

quantumac | March 18, 15:33 CET

I seriously doubt Joss's movie would center on Buffy/Angel relationship, unless he has something in mind that can top Season 2 emotion-wise. Joss can take a Buffy movie in new exciting directions. Why would he instead waste that opportunity by going into a 'been there, done that' territory?
I sort of second that Whedon wouldn't necessarily go with Buffy/Angel angst, in particular since Angel as a concept is practically strong enough to merit a franchise of his own. (Even in this hypothetical, if they were to want a Whedon Buffy movie and he agreed to it, wouldn't he presumably be more inclined to push for an in-TV-continuity thing while they would want a full-on reboot?)

That does bring us back to the idea of a movie by someone else though: Would they more or less straight-up remake the the first movie and have her love interest be a bad boy? While the star-crossed love of vampire slayer and vampire is sort of exceedingly obvious it seems like it'd be difficult to pull that off in any way without being accused/sued for ripping someone off.

And yeah, while I know that Tara is wholly out of the question I suppose the idea is whether or not Amber Benson herself would be willing to show up in a movie in any capacity. Like how Seth Green was at least on the key art for the BtVS movie's VHS version and ended up on the series as a different character. Or how Paul Rudd apparently showed up in the movie and TV versions of Clueless though presumably he couldn't have been playing the same lead role since I figured they got a replacement cast member.

And seriously, so who owns the concept of vampire slayer? From the movie it seemed implied that it was the same girl reincarnated over and over and this time out she happened to be named Buffy, whereas it was only the TV series where they refined the process of how the next slayer/star is called so presumably that's mostly all in Fox's and slightly possibly Joss's hands.

Then again I know that the Kazuis still got to be credited on the Angel TV series even if Angel didn't exist until the TV show.
I think maybe when the development process is over, this will wind up as a Syfy Saturday night movie, "Buffy, the Mega-Crocshark Slayer."
Back to the Amber Benson story - kudos go to Amber for having a sense of loyalty, something sadly missing this days.
jesse, okelay Actually, I've been working on a series of fics that take place after the Scoobies die. (All, for the most part, from old age. Although there was an explosion involved where Willow's concerned...)

The first one is "Dearly Beloved," and then "Searching." Then I have "Arrivals: Joyce," and I'm currently working on "Tara." "Anya" is going to be the hardest. I also have a short start to "Reunions," but haven't been writing much lately.

As for the movie idea - so far we have Aly, Amber & Tony saying "no way." Be nice to hear from some others.
If Joss did a Buffy movie, it would probably center on "Buffy/Angel" angst. That's okay, just kinda predictable.

You nearly got it 11 years ago. There were serious plans for a second Buffy movie (with Joss at the helm).
I've never gotten why so many remakes are popping up anyway, both on TV and in movies. Highlander is being remade as well. I say sometimes you just need to leave well enough alone.
The reason for the remakes is clear. Existing titles have name recognition, so they have a leg up over new titles which don't. It gives the studios more potential for growing their wallet size.

Hiring Joss and friends to do a Buffy movie right would require a larger wallet to begin with, because Joss and friends don't work for peanuts. Well, maybe dream-Willow's monkey would, but nobody else. So the studio would have one peanut taker, but the rest would require their cut of the wallet, and that would mean less wallet for the studio. Why buy better when you can buy a nobody and cut your costs in half?

On the other hand, a Joss movie would have quality and be very exciting and entertaining, which means like Serenity, nobody but us would go see it.

The average male movie goer has different priorities. He asks himself these questions: "Does it have chicks? Check. Does it have explosions and/or car chases? Check. Does it stop and make me think? Che... Oh wait, I can't watch that! Not the thinking! Anything but the thinking! That's too haaaard!"

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On the other hand, a Joss movie would have quality and be very exciting and entertaining, which means like Serenity, nobody but us would go see it.

The average male movie goer has different priorities.

It's really not that simple. Plenty of cerebral fare does great business at the box office and plenty of shallow action flicks end up failing. The problem with being a fan of something is, it becomes difficult to entertain the idea that just maybe, there are smart people out there who simply don't share your interests. And yet it's the cold, hard truth. At the end of the day art is subjective, and lots of perfectly smart people with wonderful taste who like movies that make them think decided to skip Serenity.

As for Buffy continuing in movies, I just don't see the audience there to justify spending the money required to get Whedon and SMG onboard--nevermind Aly, DB, etc. They couldn't even get the financing together to do straight-to-DVD movies a few years back, and actors like SMG and DB, who seem to want to leave their Buffy days behind them, would require a good payday to reprise their roles. I just don't see where the money comes from. Also, the story of Buffy Summers and her friends as explored on TV for seven years was a tangled web of angst and drama and romance and endless shifting loyalties and alliances that a brand new audience who hasn't been exposed to the show just wouldn't get. It was a story well-told for the most part but it's over now (unless you want to count the season eight comics) and the actors have moved on. If they do a Buffy reboot with a cast of unknowns and, just as imporant, a clean dramatic slate--no vampires with souls, no witches slowly succumbing to magic addiction, no need for moviegoers to know anything except "here is a super-powered girl who kills monsters"--I think they'd stand a better chance of making a profit and perhaps growing a new audience.
One other reason for remakes - whoever owns the rights doesn't have to pay for the rights (their property), so this can be (though is not always) cheaper than buying/commissioning new properties.
[A]rt is subjective, and lots of perfectly smart people with wonderful taste who like movies that make them think decided to skip Serenity.

Yes, this is truth. A testimonial: I recently made a new friend, a brilliant, smart, thoughtful, darkly-humorous person who agrees that BtVS is the best TV show evah. Shocking though it may seem to some, she had never seen Firefly (or Serenity), or Dr. Horrible, or Dollhouse.

I eagerly lent her FF to begin with. After great enthusiasm at the pilot episode, she told me she didn't really care for it. Huh. She asked to borrow DH next. I'm not a huge fan, as I've said before. Turns out that she enjoys it much more than FF. Go figure. Anyway, my point is that, whatever the cause(s) of Joss's recent lack of commercial success, I disagree that it's because he makes us think too much. There are doubtless many reasons, but one fundamental one is, as Hellmouthguy says, tastes differ. I have friends, here and elsewhere, who think Kevin Smith is the shizz. I don't. Such is life. So long as Joss is able to create something, somewhere, I'm relatively content with that. (And, honestly, if a reboot omits the BtVS characters and takes the vampire slayer concept in a completely new direction, I'm perfectly OK with that too.)
Diablo Cody should write Buffy reboot. She would totally nail the Whedonesque dialogue. I would watch that.
SteveP jesse orangewaxlion okelay gossi quantumac; If Joss ever gets a chance tgo do soemthing, and he wants Cahracter X or Y back from the dead, he'll find a way. As long as it hurts us audience more that way.

MattManic7325: I once got "Letter of the Month" for a similar idea. I was thinking Tara, Wesley, Jonathan, Kendra, and either Anya or Darla. With FLutie as Bosely and TPTB as Charley.
Cordelia doesn't qualify. Her death was faked; the show just got cancelled before they had an episode showing that. I have spoken, with a totally straight face.

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