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March 18 2010

Eliza Dushku auctions swag for charity. A live auction containing items belonging to Eliza is now underway on ebay by fanporium auctions. Proceeds will go to the Camp Hale Alumni Association.

in the auction you can find clothing dating back to her Buffy time as well as jewelry and there's a lot of items starting from $20.

Wow, that is some nice stuff!
A Canucks hockey jersey?!? I want! I want!

But I have no money.

Wow. I am in love with pretty much everything on there. Particularly the leather jacket from Dollhouse.

But its $44 shipping to the UK :(
She's got some really nice stuff. But her body's too small and her feet are too big (for me.)

Okay, I bid anyway. How long until I'm outbid?

[ edited by redeem147 on 2010-03-18 23:54 ]
Emmy, sorry about that. USPS Flat Rate was the cheapest international option we had. On the up side, it makes it easy to combine multiple items without increasing the shipping cost much, since it's just the size of the box and not the weight that's measured.

--ray (Eliza's auctionmeister)
Well, that didn't take long. It probably wouldn't have fit me (sour grapes.)
damn, wish I was rich... so many pretties.
I'm seeing some wonderfull stuff, I like the bring it on shirt, the brown leather coat, the blue strapless dress...except there's no way any of it would fit me. I also like the bracelets though. and the signed dvds.
OMG, I can't actually believe I won something! I'm giddy!

The Brown R-Softee Leather Boots from Sundance will have an honored place in my home. Always thought they were among the most beautiful boots Eliza ever wore, they remind me of a pirate boot.

And if anyone from Whedonesque was bidding on these and you didn't win, rest assured they will be well cared-for by me.

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