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March 18 2010

CBR's ECCC 2010: Dark Horse Panel Report. Covers Buffy, Serenity, Dr.Horrible and Dollhouse.

Nothing really spoilery that I saw.

Averse? awww...although i guess it wouldn't really lend itself to a comic adaptation...
I don't know. I could see it being a comic series.... they'd just have to make it more actiony than it was in the more 'serialized' episodes. Focus more on engagements, etc.

I really just want to know the progression of events from The Hollow Men to Epitaph 2.

Epitaph 2 was great finale, but there's so much that we missed out on.

That being said, I'm kind of relieved that this is one Joss world that is actually closed and we don't have to wait a most between stories. So I have mixed feelings about it. I'd really like to see how it would have gone...
I could see it being a comic, too. Honestly, I don't get why Joss and even Eliza say it wouldn't work in comic form. Like Eliza saying it's just too big to be a comic, it would only work as a TV show. What??? You could explore way more things in comics than you could on TV. So I don't understand their thinking on that.
I do, Jayrock. In Buffy, you had demons and magic and such - perfect comic fodder. Dollhouse doesn't as easily lend itself to the format.

That said, I totally have a story about Saunders in my head, and it's pretty freakin' twisted.
But there are many comics, manga, etc. that don't have demons and magic. So many mangas especially are just love stories with no action, nothing like that. I get that Joss may not be interested in writing a Dollhouse comic, he may not like the idea of Dollhouse as a comic, and sure that's up to him. But they're so adamant that it wouldn't work as a comic and I don't agree.

Like Eliza saying something like with all the international Dollhouses, the world has gotten too big and would only work as a TV show. That's crap. You can explore more in written form than you can on film, and are not limited at all with budgets, networks, whatever else.

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I don't think Dollhouse lends itself to a written medium. Without actors to portray the Dolls you would lose the whole affect of seeing people programmed to be new people.
I don't know what is, but it's pretty obviously not what CBR wanted to link to. If someone can poke them to properly link to instead, that would be useful. ;)
I agree with Jayrock--it's fine that Joss has no interest in continuing Dollhouse in another medium, but there is absolutely no reason it couldn't be.

If it's the lack of actors portraying the dolls that would bother people--there's comic book artists that get better and more convincing performances out of their characters than the average actor (and yes, we had some above-average actors in Dollhouse, but I'm just making the point).

And thinking about it now, I actually think a prose writer could do wonderful things with the Dollhouse. Imagine a story from Echo's perspective, the text changing in tone and rhythm every time she imprints different skillsets. Damn. Now I want to go write that.
b!X, I posted the linkage correction on the connected thread in the CBR forum.
I'm okay with there not being a Dollhouse comic, but I really wish we could get some more post-Serenity based comics. Words can not do justice to how excited I am for "Float Out."
Yeah, agreed Dollhouse could totally work as a comic even without changing the format. I want what happened between Hollow Men and Epitah Two, more on Saunders, etc. There's plenty story to be told and comics can work with alot of dialog. I think that what dance4days said isn't really right. I mean, just using different writing styles not to mention different letterings (such as in Sandman) would be fine.
And Gossi, even though I never read fanfic and simply don't like noncanon stuff I'm really interested in your twisted imagination. It's just hypothetical, and Joss seems to think that the story has completely ended so... care to share?

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