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March 18 2010

Juliet Landau interviews David J (of Bauhaus) on video. The latest in Ms. Landau's series of video interviews.

These interviews are pretty entertaining. She seems to be enjoying them, and I know I'm enjoying them. Some of these interviewees I had never heard of before, too.
What a neat interview. It is indeed a side of David J I haven't seen before, since I learned of him through Bauhaus and the Jazz Butcher in the '80's. Shedding that melancholy Goth reputation hasn't been easy, I'm sure; I'm glad to hear more about his recent projects.

His idea for promoting the film was clever, too. I look forward to watching the rest of the series.

Juliette is a very relaxed and insightful interviewer, and she remains so shockingly youthful-looking that I wonder who's she got locked away in a closet somewhere, aging on her behalf.

Great find!
That was really interesting and it was great to see David J all grown up.
Not a big David J fan, but the boyfriend got a HUGE kick out of this. I love Juliet, she rocks, and I love watching her do these and then the thought of Dru gets in my head and I think of how fantastic an actress the woman is!

Loved the one with Amy Acker <3
Oh how I love Amy Acker. :)

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