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November 14 2003

(SPOILER) Angel episode 10 set report at the Buffistas board. And as that old cliche goes, the plot thickens.

This was what Wendy was talking about at the Mythical Boards.

Holy Crap!!!! How cool! I'm not usually this much of a spaz!

I JUST posted yesterday another plea to bring Lindsey back and I added a smartass remark that maybe if we said it enough times someone would listen. Now this! What a great coincidence! Hoo-frickin-ray!

I'm so excited. Been waiting for this since he trundled off in his redneck truck. Now maybe we can hold out for Lilah's return!
Well, that clears things up a little. "Call me Sean" doesn't mean he's really named Sean...

This is like the David Boreanaz Christmas episode, when all his wishes come true. I know he's wanted Christian back on the show for ages - well done!
I wonder how much exposition they're going to have to feed the new viewers!
::bounces:: LINDSEY! But...ew, bangs?
I really hate that I just read that spoiler! That's one scene that I would have certainly screamed out loud about when I saw it.

Gotta break the spoiler habit, dammit. But okay, now that I know, WOO-HOO LINDSEY'S BACK!!!


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