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March 19 2010

Enver Gjokaj talks about his new web series "Previously on Point Dume". He describes it as "Twin Peaks meets Clue". And there's another interview with him at HitFix.

Having seen the first episode, I'd go with Twin Peaks meets Sunset Beach (with a dash of Falcon Crest).

I thought the short description sounded a bit 'Clue'-ish. This, of course, only increases my desire to watch.
Okay. This really sounds awesome. I will have to watch it.
They oughtta put out a trailer for it so I can blast it all over facebook and twitter. Buuuuut, I don't see one.
Should be out there soon, mito.
This makes it sound a lot more awesome than previously. I was already on board, because we've all learned that Enver Gjokai's a ridiculously talented actor, but after this, I'm greatly looking forward to seeing the end result.

Also: how can people not know either Twin Peark or Clue? The mind boggles.

Oh, and mito, it's probably pretty difficult to create a trailer for something that in itself isn't that long to begin with. I'm not sure how long these 'previouslies' will take - I'm assuming at least longer than the '<1 minute'-length of 'normal' previouslies - but probably not long enough to justify a trailer. I'm planning to wait untill it launces and then plaster my facebook, twitter and other social media with links to the end product.

ETA: and then gossi drove my argument right into the ground with one sentence ;)

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So...should the twitter page have its own Whedonesque post?? Or would that just get deleted as too many Dume posts on the front the page??
Have to admit, I'm not sure what Clue is (I thought Clue was the American name for Cluedo, but I'm guessing it is a TV show too.)

But I do know and love Twin Peaks, so that is enough to get me interested, along with the involvement of Enver, of course. Will definitely be tuning in to this on Monday/Tuesday and hope it goes well for him and all involved.

I also liked the line about him finding it hard to find acting jobs that he actually wants to do after Dollhouse and working with Joss. Nice to hear that working on the show made him more particular about the jobs he takes and we will hopefully be seeing him in the type of quality programmes and films he deserves. Just hope he doesn't struggle too much.
I am very much looking forward to this. Enver is an amazing actor, and the premise for this sounds hilarious and brilliant.
Vandelay - there was a movie of Clue/Cluedo (with Eileen Brennan, Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, Christopher Lloyd and Michael McKean). You SO need to check it out if you haven't - sooo fun! You'll all be able to check it out Monday on FunnyOrDie.
Zeitgeist - Thanks. I looked it up after I commented and I actually had heard of it, must have just slipped my mind. Not seen it, but I'm sure it would be good with the involvement of Tim Curry and Christopher Lloyd.
I'm looking forward to seeing it :)
For my first ever post I'm jumping in to say that "Clue" is my favorite movie of all time. :-) Enver was enough, but this is even better...I'm definitely watching.

So...should the twitter page have its own Whedonesque post?? Or would that just get deleted as too many Dume posts on the front the page??

Depends if anything new and front page worthy is tweeted. Also Clue is a great movie. Murder By Death is also worth checking out.
I second the "Murder By Death" recommendation. "I'm not a Frenchie...I'm a Belgie!"
I'm glad to read that he has been offered some projects, and that he is holding out for something worthwhile, rather than jumping at the first offer out there. More Enver on our screens=good, but Enver on our screens in awesome projects and fulfilling career moves=even better!

This "Previously on Point Dume" seems like a fun production/series, and I'm sure I'll check it out!
For those of us old enough to remember, "Clue" began life as a board game (which is where you get things like "Col. Mustard in the study with the lead pipe"), like "Monopoly" -- in fact, I think they're from the same company. Not sure if "Cluedo" has the same source.
I love the concept, I love Enver and I most certainly love Clue.

"You see, like the Mounties, we always get our man."
"Mrs. Peacock was a man?!"

Am I the only one who thinks that top picture of Enver is hilarious? Even more hilarious at full size.
Cheers. I'll add that to the entry.
After reading that Enver tried hard not to "do a De Niro impersonation", it'll be interesting to see how much he'll seem like De Niro. It's really hard to look at his performances as Laurence Dominic and Topher Brink and imagine him not doing De Niro so perfectly.

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I see in the Hitfix piece that Enver apparently has stopped referencing Twin Peaks altogether and now just goes with Lost instead.

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