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March 19 2010

Amazon sale: Up to 53% off on Whedon shows. Sale ends March 22. Includes Buffy, Angel, and Dollhouse S1, as well as Tru Calling for Eliza enthusiasts. There will also be a Gold Box Lightning Deal on "a favorite from Joss Whedon!" today (i.e. Saturday) at 10 am PDT. ETA: It's the Angel Complete Box Set going for $54.

Great deals... anyone find it funny (and insulting) that Tru Calling is included?
Looks like a nice sale, too bad I already own them all. But I passed the deal on to some people that are interested in getting the complete Buffy set, at $15 per season that is a great deal!
I want the Angel series dvds. Does anyone when or how long from now it might be a Gold Box deal or such? Even cheaper?
@ara_celi -- not sure how long from now, but I got Angel on a Gold Box deal for around $40-44, so it's worth waiting if you don't need them immediately!
Bought Buffy and Angel COMPLETE SERIES! :)
I literally just bought the Buffy complete series a week ago, with a kick-ass coupon that saved me a lot, but still paid about $30 more than I would have here. Grr, argh.
Where's Firefly? (I have a friend who is looking for Firefly on the cheap.)
They had Firefly as a gold box deal last week, so that's probably why it's not there.
@ Ara_celi,

At this point, imo it's impossible to guess when they might have Angel again as a Gold Box Deal. It was one on Nov 22, 2008 , April 30, 2009 [$56.99] and October 26th, 2009 [$52.99], so if they keep to that schedule then it might come up again soon. OTOH, 3 times in a year and a half is quite a lot by comparison to other shows. So it could be awhile before they offer it again.

I would say that if you can wait a year or more for Angel to be cheaper, then do so as it will be offered for less sometime down the road, but if you're ready and able to buy it now, then this is still a pretty good deal.
Actually, the Chosen collection is at Costco at the moment for $85. Shouldn't tell you this since I work at Amazon, but you know, customer focus! :)
anyone find it funny (and insulting) that Tru Calling is included?

I dont find it to insulting. . While TC wasnt a spectacular show it had moments, and even a couple episodes that I would glad to put on a list of 10 best episodes of any show that I personally watch(ed).

And I can see why it fits into a Whedon-y list. . It had Dushku and a few other Whedon writers and such that showed up a few times.
So while it isnt a Whedon show it does have a few ties to him.
There's a Gold Box offer today on a Joss item so I added that link to the entry.
Anyone heard any rumours about when we can expect Dollhouse Season 2 on Blu-ray and DVD?
Lookie there, the Angel collector's set is the Gold box deal(for a few hours I think)

Too bad I don't have any money :(
Looks like the Gold Box deal was just for me. :D
Wow..Angel series for $54USD. A Christmas gift perhaps?
Wow, I'm really glad I didn't buy Angel yesterday!
THANK YOU THANK YOU to whomever did the entry for Amazon's Gold Box today. I didn't buy yesterday because, even though that was good price, couldn't justify making that purchase "right now." But at $54 USD, just couldn't pass it up.
The Gold Box item is 'Angel: The Complete Series' for anyone interested.

It's a pretty good deal! Bout ten bucks per season. If I didn't already have the set, I would jump on this.
Zoic_Fan, tentatively this fall is what I heard. Not at all set in stone.
Wait, wasn't it 77 USD not 54?
If you bought Angel yesterday Amazon would adjust the price to the lower one. They did that when I bought Dollhouse Season 1. I got the Buffy box set with this sale. Oh the happiness.

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