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March 19 2010

Sex advice from Whedonverse fans. An exploration into what Whedon shows tell us about sexuality. (Possibly not safe for work)

Heh, I like your tag, streetartist.

Should probably mention that this might not be safe for work, depending on your workplace. No pictures, just the text/discussion.
I think the advice is quite clear - do it and die. ;)
That's why I never kiss 'em on the mouth.

Best sex advice line ever.
I linked it to the original source. Giving credit due and all that.
I need to know: Spike or Angel?
Faith. Dream big.

Best answer I've seen in a sex advice article.
Right there with you, Arison.
How does this have anything to do with the Whedonverse? It reeks of someone who wanted to write sex advice and decided to wrap it in a Whedon bow just so people would pay attention to them =\
How does this have anything to do with the Whedonverse?

Agreed. A generally daft article, with pretty tenuous links to Whedonverse.
Daft? Try funny and entertaining.

I've seen less interesting things linked to on Whedonesque. But to each their own.
the first comment is interesting and Whedon related. The rest- just plain old sex advice.
Did you read all three pages?

There is a bit more Whedon-stuff along the way.

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