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March 20 2010

The Dr Horrible Comic Book App for your iPhone. Buffy Season 8 to follow?

Awesome! I'm so getting this.
Yay! Something to stare at gleefully other than Peggle.
Any word on how international this will be?
Awesome. Can't wait to get this! :D
Dark Horse have quite the presence on the App Store, and I'm from the UK so I imagine this will pop along soon enough.
Damn my stupid Blackberry...
Internet musical sensation Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog first came to the scene in the Summer of 2008. . . and for the most part was a huge success.

For the most part? For the most part!? What part wasn't a huge success?
YAY! Def. getting as soon as it is out on the 24, and yes - Agreed, another thing to look at gleefully then peggle, ah peggle.

And please bring Season 8 to the iphone/itouch ASAP!
The most exciting thing about the iPad (IMO) is using it as a platform for digital comics. Carrying your full comic library and viewing it in hi-res color graphics is an exciting possibility. From there you can morph directly into motion comics (for those who like them).

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