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March 20 2010

Happy Birthday, Bianca! The Slayer turns 31.

"I am Kendraaaaa de Vumpyyyyre Slayah"

I'll always remember when she said that, lol.

Happy Birthday <3
Yay, I share my birthday with a slayer :)

Happy Birthday Bianca!
One of my favorite slayers. Happy birthday Kendra.
Happy Birthday, Bianca Lawson! I really enjoyed Kendra.

And Happy Birthday, Emmy!
Happy Birthday Bianca!

Hope you get many favorite shirts today :)
Happy birthday to her!

When she was on Bones I kept hoping that she's kick Booth's ass. =P
Oh, I love Kendra! Happy birthday!!!

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Didn't she just have a birthday? :/
Oh, and happy birthday. :D
"I am Kendraaaaa de Vumpyyyyre Slayah"

hahaha yes! I loved it too! Hope she has a great day!
Happy Birthday!

I'll always remember how cute she was around Xander :)
To quote Keith Topping: Phwoar!

Happy belated, Bianca.

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