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March 21 2010

How to make your own ice planet. Includes step by step instructions, photos, and a suggested menu of Firefly-themed flavors.

Ha! Not sure I really want to try it myself, but that was a fun read - the various flavors are probably my favorite part.
I always wondered how easy it would be to eat those. That's gonna require a bib.
I edited the description to make it clearer that it's a how-to guide.
I think this awesome. Makes me want to try this out for our next shindig. Too cool.
I think I need to go purchase supplies for this now.

I so wanna make Higgin's Moon.

Anyone know where I can borrow a second person to assist with the insertion of the internal support system?
I am definitely making these!
Looks fun. But now we need one how to consume an ice-planet guide.
One of the comments at the end of the piece suggested that one roll the string around the stick until the planet is trapped at the end of the stick, making it bite-able.
Looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for the link.
The food is problematic.

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