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March 20 2010

Angie Hart on collaborating with Joss Whedon. Australian singer/songwriter Angie Hart talks about her solo career, her favourite TV shows and collaborating with Joss Whedon on the song "Blue" for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Angie is awesome. I loved going to see her perform at one of the pubs in Melbourne.
Blue is still one of my favourite songs from Buffy. Nice hearing a bit about how it came about.
I didn't realise she was Australian! Makes me proud to be one :)
I knew as soon as I heard Blue in Conversations with Dead People that it was going to be an amazing episode. It's truly a beautiful song.
Nice interview. I love that they passed notes across to one another like schoolchildren.

I, too, love "Blue," and as a result I bought an album by Splendid. But remember that she also appeared in Buffy, and in Firefly.
I wish to purchase this song without purchasing the album. Yet iTunes and Amazon avail me not.
Somehow I found a copy of her album in a Taiwanese record store but I've hardly seen a sign of anything besides the occasional Frente in the US.

To tell the truth while I really dug some of the tracks on Grounded Bird, I actually liked the sorta bubblier dark undertones from what I heard of the the first Splendid album which I'd finally like hunt down some day. (I still particularly like Charge from the first Buffy soundtrack)

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