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March 21 2010

Nathan Fillion accepts his Fun Fearless Male Award. Courtesy of Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Hmmm, only 100 views right now.

"Oh God, Oh God.... it's eating my face." Nice. That was adorable. He's just the cutest man ever. Thank for sharing!
Over 360 views now, and Very funny.
Huh. Weirdly, it just went back down to 306.
This is clearly a plot by lots of women who want a Big Damn Hero near them...and long overdue.
I just hope Serenity and Firefly fans came up with this award.
Love it! He deserves everything in the world.
596 views now (1:52 PM PDT)
AND a link to Castle's Cosmo Cover Shoot in available in that column on the right-hand side. Cute!
You can't beat a Fillion speech. So, there were several men who were awarded this? I liked Moyer's acceptance as well and now need to watch the others.

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