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March 21 2010

Creation Entertainment Salutes Firefly, Buffy/Angel & Dollhouse. November 6-7, 2010 in Los Angeles. "...4th Annual Convention saluting the work of Joss Whedon, this year expanding to cover all of Joss' television shows..." Guests still TBA.

Hey, they need to add Emmy Winner Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog!

Went checking the link to see if Serenity was mentioned and it is.
Has anyone been to this? I'll be in LA for this... is it worth going? What kinds of events have they had in the past?
I the very least, you can take some pretty pictures and give an "on-scene" report. We would really appreciate that.
I've been to a Flanvention, and went to a Creation Firefly/Serenity con a few years ago (when Gina Torres showed up; and Jane Espenson too!). They're expensive but lots of fun, and even more so in both ways if you're a Farscape and Stargate fan, since they're overlapping conventions that week. You're with mature smart people who all pretty much know what you're talking about. And there's usually a surprise guest or two (I never get to see them :-( --my timing's usually off).
Events--they usually have photos with the guests, and autographs (you pay for both). And merchandise tables. And there are the panels--the main reason I'd go.

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Unlike other conventions, Creation does assign seats and doesn't oversell the venue, so you're guaranteed your seat without having to fight for it or sit in it all day. No mad stampedes or waiting in line for hours and hours. If your ticket says you get an autograph or photo op, you actually get it, there's no cutting off the line five people in front of you. The exhibitor portion of the show may not be as extensive as you're used to at other shows, but their main focus is on the actor Q&A and panels. If you want to see your fave actors on stage and get autographs you really can't beat Creation. Their shows are a bit more expensive, but you at least know you ARE going to get what you pay for and what you came to see.
I attended the same Creation Firefly/Serenity as quacky and I also enjoyed it a lot: it was good value for the money, I thought. I would love to attend this!
l envy los angeles. l wish Joss would come to upstate new york but you never know, it might happen, wishful thinking on my part.
Last year's event was good, although I had a tough time trying to get out of LAX and missed Adam. I'll try again this year because the lineup will be from several shows, not just one.
Zee, I completely agree with everything you said. Sounds like a great time though, wish I could go...
I've only been to Comic Con and Creation events. The Creation events are well run, and yes, you do have assigned seats so you can wonder and not worry about losing it. I've been going to the Xena convention for years and always have a good time. The guests and panels are good and it's nice to be able to get autographs and photos, if you buy the tickets with that option. I've seen Creation staff have a guest come back to the photo room because a ticket holder didn't get there on time, so that that ticket holder would get their photo, even if they were a bit tardy. If you have a chance I recommend going, you wont be disappointed.

Edited to add: It may have something to do with that fact that Creation was started by a coupe of fans over 20 years ago. They themselves knew what they wanted in a convention a put that into practice when starting their own company. Also, it would seem, at least with the Xena conventions, they are fans themselves so they really enjoy the conventions as much as the fans who attend do.

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Sounds good. Wish they would have one of these in NYC. Creation tends to go to New Jersey (probably cheaper) which doesn't work for me.

They sometimes make videos of their conventions - hopefully will for this one.

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