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November 14 2003

More Buffy Season 7 DVD Extras Confirmed (Regions 2 & 4) More commentaries confirmed for the forthcoming Buffy S7 DVD boxset.

The new commentaries confirmed are "Lessons", "The Killer in Me" and "Dirty Girls". Along with "Chosen", "Conversations with Dead People" and "Lies My Parents Told Me", that makes it six commentaries all up.

Finally, some bonus material to be excited about...To tell you the truth, just about every episode of season seven should come with commentary to make up for the lack-there-of in the previous six installments...I mean really, I have been pretty dissapointed with the bonus material in all of the Buffy and Angel DVD boxed sets...
That link doesn't have any information, just the episodes listed, and the cast, and whether there's strong language. Where do I get the commentary information?
I hope the commentary is strong on "WTF were they thinking?" stuff, because after CWDP, I couldn't tell.
Willowy: at this time, the list of episodes is probably all you're going to get. If you click on each title, it'll say something like "Widescreen, DVD Director's audio commentary" near the top of the detailed page about the episode, to distinguish it from the previously approved standard version (which they already had to run by the classification board for the VHS release).
Pardon my ignorance but I'm assuming that these are for Region 2?
Thank you bovik, but then where did Thomas get HIS information on the commentaries?
I obviously can't speak for Thomas, but I assume he has no more information than just the episode titles, either. The commentaries for "Conversations", "Lies", and "Chosen" were previously mentioned by ME writers, e.g., in this story. Now we learn that three additional commentaries have also been submitted for classification, so presumably all six will in fact appear on the DVDs.
If you actually click on the episode titles, it'll take you to a separate page for each episode where you will clearly see "Widescreen, DVD Audio Commentary" at the top of the page.
Silent Night: yes, these commentaries are currently being classified for the Region 2 release. But it seems almost certain that they will also eventually appear on the Region 1 DVDs. It is conceivable, though perhaps not very likely, that there will be additional R1-only commentaries, like for "Wild at Heart" in Season 4.
Yay! Looks like we'll get a commentary for "Selfless" as well, in addition to the 6 episodes already mentioned above.

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