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March 21 2010

Fan vid of TV Themes pays homage to Firefly. A fan, in duplicate of himself as it appears, performs a medley consisting of themes and openings from a collection of TV shows. Good work, with a nod to Firefly's theme at 3:55.

I came across this via Twitter, as a post re-tweeted by nytf (the NY Television Festival).

This is my first posting - I hope I followed all the rules correctly!
I listened to another one of his songs and was so surprised when he sang Pokémon in Swedish. Then I checked his profile, and he doesn't live far from my parents.

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This is so incredibly awesome. I remember some guy at the Emmys doing something similar a few years back but this knocked it out of the park. Excellent!
Double post.

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I bow to you, sir.

All of it was great, but I really liked the Big Love/Freaks & Geeks/Malcolm in the Middle/The X-Files sequence.

I've seen most of those shows, aside from Two and a Half Men (seen scenes, but no full eps), the last maybe 10 years of The Simpsons (certain episodes excepted), seasons 2 to 4 of The O.C., Naruto (seriously--what is it that people love about it? From my random samplings so far, there's faaar better serialized anime out there), the last 5 or 6 seasons of That `70s Show, the current season of Big Love (need to marathon soon), anything after the first two or three seasons of Malcolm in the Middle (did it get better as it aged, or worse ? I imagine the boys growing up allowed the show to grow up some as well, no ? Though the real stars were always the parents anyway), the final season of The X-Files (yeah, I never saw Season 9, aside from the 2-hour finale), anything post-Season 4 of Scrubs (which I love huuuge, but I just couldn't keep up with during a busy life period), Charles in Charge (only know the awesome theme song, they used it on Scrubs), The Big Bang Theory (saw a couple episodes--I dunno...), How I Met Your Mother (haven't seen a lick of it), and Mission Impossible.

I'm not surprised it ended with Friends (hey, I liked much of Friends, but it didn't deserve to go on for 10 seasons--yes, I know TV biz and ratings-obsessed, cold-hard-money-analyzing Whedonesquers, it did deserve to go on that long from all the realistic/uncreative perspectives). Friends seemed to have been huge in Europe. A Canadian-born Irish-English friend of mine who I've lost touch with, it was his favorite series.

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Awesome, loved HIMYM, Simpsons, Biglove, X-files.

Very good chap.
Wow, that was kinda awesome :)

Kris, it doesn't surprise me how big Friends is here in the UK. When it finished, I hadn't seen a single episode and nor had a lot of my friends. But E4 showed repeats of 2 episodes a night ever since it finished and they've only just stopped airing it. So now people tend to have seen most episodes, probably several times.

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firefly rocked :)
Brilliant selection of TV shows, I've watched nearly all of them, and love most of them too!

No Buffy though? The only great show (besides Angel too) that's missing imo.
I was expecting "Woke Up This Morning" from The Sopranos or "Way Down in the Whole" from The Wire. Nonetheless, it was really cool.
I really liked the Firefly and True Blood bits. Really creative, and great, video. :D
I love this guy - I've been following his videos for maybe a year now and he never disappoints. Being pretty easy on the eyes doesn't hurt either ;)

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