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March 22 2010

First episode of "Previously on Point Dume". Available on Funny or Die, the first "recap" offers over-the-top-acting and shirtlessness that do not disappoint.

"I want him off my property, out of my daughter."
"There is non fat milk in the outside fridge" - This is hilarious.
OK, that was seriously funny. I'm hooked. :_)
This seriously brings back memories of watching soaps with my grandma as a kid. In some ways, it's not ludicrous enough.

Glad to see Enver at work again; this is hilarious. ;)
"Don't ever go into the pantry! Not ever. I forbid it."
"How do you expect me to eat?"

Gave me (and my sister) the serious lulz. :DDDD
heee! Awesome shirtless Enver :D
Ok, hilarious. And shirtless Enver? Oh my goodness.

Also, was that Bron in bed with his evil twin? "Don't pretend it didn't happen". Awesome.

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Enver was the best part of that. I had to watch it twice to understand what was going on, but I definitely will keep watching.
That, my friends, was hilariously funny :). Even the dodgy backgrounds worked most of the time (except when mother put her hand on the pantry door, but then the lameness of that effect added to the scene :)). And I'm now officially wondering why dead daddy is aging backwards ;)
I wasn't too sure after the first minute, but it got much funnier as it went on. I'll probably have to rewatch it to make sense of what is actually happening, but I think that just comes down to the nature of the 'previously on...' It does make it quite unique, but part of me also wishes that they could have fleshed it out into a real 10 minute episode of 'Point Dume.' I suppose that just means they did well.

Everyones already beat me to my favourite lines, but I'll probably have to go with "Don't ever go into the pantry! Not ever. I forbid it" "How do you expect me to eat?" Also laughed a lot at the "out of my garden, out of my daughter."
Oh I will definitely keep watching this. So glad Enver and his friends are sharing this with us.

Do we know when the next episode comes out?
LOL @ The Gypsy Gardener. "Don't pretend it didn't happen." I love that Bron's doppelganger has a moustache.
What a great project. Loved it.
I'm strangely digging the mustache.

"How do you expect me to eat?" was probably my favorite line too.
Finally, a telenovela in English!
Again, Hollywood, invest in Enver Gjokaj today!
"Don't pretend it didn't happen."

I loved the slapping montage, too.

...And how on earth does one earn the reputation of "most notorious landscaper"? I mean, what's the competition?

[ edited by ManEnoughToAdmitIt on 2010-03-22 17:45 ]
He's very good with bushes, ManEnoughToAdmitIt.
...And how on earth does one earn the reputation of "most notorious landscaper"? I mean, what's the competition?

Alex Tully?
Oh, Enver! So hilarious. Looking forward to future episodes of this one. The "previously on" aspect makes me wish there were actual episodes, but I suppose that's a good indication for the appeal (to me, at least) of the webseries.

"Don't pretend it didn't happen." Love it.
That was great, and reminded me a lot of Caprica's catch-ups. Enver is brill, as is everyone else. I think I might have to put the effort in to remember to keep up with Dume, I have some serious trouble to remember to keep up with webseries but this looks like it'll be worth the trouble.
There's a Twitter feed and Facebook page for those who want to keep up-to-date without having to remember to.
I'm just getting a "previously" and then Point Buffering. When the buffering went on longer than three minutes, I stopped reloaded, tried again, same thing. Anyone else having this issue? I'd really like to watch this if my computer will let me ...
Best part for me is Pamela Roylance. She's awesome in this.
That looks great! Can't wait for more. Since it hasn't been mentioned yet, and because the punner in me cannot resist: "I only hired you to plough one thing..."
"I want him out of my garden and out of my daughter."

Haha. This is awesome. Great to see Enver again :) Was that his twin playing Bron with a moustache?
Oh, I forgot about his twin. I figured they just greenscreened that too. I wonder.
Lots of funny lines!
Don't know if it's "my kind of funny", but I'll keep watching it for Enver. =)
Enver looked looked way younger in this, than he did in Dollhouse. Seems like a really funny show. :)
*Opens favourites bar
Add to favourites
Rename: GetInMyPants

I also really wish that Point Dume was a real show. I love the Creepy New Neighbour.
Some people have apparently already asked and yeah, it's just green screen rather than bringing along Enver's brother. While I assume part of it is since it's funnier with the bad special effects (like the pantry door)

I also imagine it's since his brother doesn't live in California and it's probably less awkward for them to pretend to fight each other in army garb on a kinda-budgeted Hollywood TV production than it is be shirtless in bed on a green screen set.

I think my favorite parts are the stepmother and Enver or anything involving either of them even tangentially. "I only paid you to plow one thing of mine. But you plowed two!"
This is probably the best thing to hit the net since porn... and Dr Horrible but porn sounds funnier
I am your stepmother, my God! And as we all know stepmother's are evil and must have the upper hand.

Daddy's Little Princess, Mommy's Little Whore. HA HA HA HA!

It is quite funny, with good use of green screens and good acting, but the recap format it is presented in, while original, is not the easiest to watch.
Actually, upon a few rewatches, it's not as difficult to watch as I previously thought. I'm looking forward to more, it's funny.

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