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November 14 2003

Fox Firefly DVD website now active. Featuring stills, downloads (albeit unimpressive ones) and info on the cast and the DVD.

Why oh why do these sites not offer an HTML equivalent?

Gorrammit! This website screwed up the episode order. Trust me, "The Train Job" does not take place before "Serenity". God, I hope the actual DVD set has it right. If not, let's blame Fox.
It doesn't say for sure whether the eps are in full screen or wide screen. Great.
brother_grady: on the order site it says fullscreen...I sincerely hope that is a mistake.
It'll be interesting to if the region 2 DVD (which I gather will be released next April or May) will be in widescreen or full screen.
I have the set already and it is in the correct order of how Joss wanted them to air (Serenity 1st, then The Train Job 2nd) and it IS 1.78:1 widescreen.
TaraDi -- good news, I owe you a hug! -- How'd you get it already, by the way?
I do a lot of writing and reviewing of Fox products for various mags I write for so it was a true and rare perk :)

You are hugged back, bg :)
TaraDi, a quick question....are the extras closed-captioned? My boyfriend (who's deaf) would like to know.....
I checked it for you and there is CC for the episodes but none for the special features. I watched a few minutes of the "How the Show was Made" featurette and none came up then I switched to the last episode and the CC came right up.

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