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March 22 2010

(SPOILER) James Marsters in the Caprica midseason finale (clip). A preview clip with James and Polly Walker from the Caprica midseason finale, "End of Line," which airs this Friday (March 26) at 9/8c.

Hey, no more punching in the face!
I'm close to giving up on Caprica unless it becomes a full-on Marsters fest pdq.
I like Caprica a lot. I was looking forward to it, and I've been happy with it once it finally started. I find the issues it raises about morality in a virtual world interesting and very relevant as we (and our kids) spend progressively more time interacting in online spaces. But I know opinions vary widely on this show.
I'm so looking forward to this

And in related news

The March 5th episode which introduced James as Barnabas boosted the ratings

Gains 13% in Adults 18-49 and 15% in Adults 25-54 Versus Prior Week With Inclusion of DVR Playback

New York, NY -- March 22, 2010 -- Building momentum toward this week's mid-season finale, Syfy's critically acclaimed Caprica scored double-digit increases and delivered series highs in key demos Adults 18-49 and Adults 25-54 during its Friday, March 5 episode with the inclusion of Live +7 DVR playback data.

The March 5 episode, airing from 9-10pm, averaged 1.04 million Adults 18-49 (+13% versus the Friday, February 26 episode) and 1.21 million Adults 25-54 viewers (+15%).

The program also scored a 1.4 HH Rating (highest rating since the January 22 series premiere) and 1.78 million total viewers (highest since January 29).
Caprica ratings are up. It's been a spectacular show so far. Best thing on TV for me at the moment, the 6-month break is going to be rough.
Love Caprica. Didn't know about the 6 months. Sigh.
Enjoying Caprica a lot. Glad to see someone out there taking advantage of James's talent. Amazing cast altogether.
Last week's episode was amazing. Looking forward to the finale. I don't get James Marsters' character at all though, he's just seemed vaguely menacing so far. Hopefully that improves.
Wow, for a moment there I thought it was the health care debate in the US House of Representatives. . .
we didn't know about the six month break, either; wait til i tell my husband. ooo... syfy's gonna be in trouble!

glad that the ratings are getting better. i too think that caprica is one of three of the best things on tv right now.
What is up with this 'mid-season break' rubbish lately?

Am enjoying the show so far.
Forgive me, I don't have a TV and get my dose of Caprica via hulu --so I guess I'm out of the looop -- WTF is a Mid-Season Finale?
I absolutely love CAPRICA and think the cast is outstanding and only wish that Jane Espenson could have managed to get James Marsters on as a regular leading character. It's a real pity that like Firefly and Dollhouse the "numbers game" may start to rear its extremely ugly head.

If you have not watched it, please do catch up watching on-line, it is also on Comcast On Demand - help support Jane Espenson's efforts and James Marsters -
Oh joy - James and the divine Polly Walker have screen time together.
A mid-season break I get - or accept, anyhow - cable does all kinds of weird scheduling with their series'.
But six months? That can't be good for a fledgling show still struggling to find it's audience. It doesn't seem that a whole lot of loyal BSG fans are sticking with Caprica.
I like the suggestion that deluded middle-aged cowards and their self-indulgent offspring are responsible for society's ruination, it certainly resonates... but having the story led by those same characters was an, uh, interesting move.
Never watched BSG (Okay 2 or 3 of the first eps) But I am really enjoying Caprica. My complaint is the lack of screen time for said Mr. Marsters! :) Eric Stoltz and rest of primary cast (including the younger folk) are all amazing. I hope the ratings keep going up, and yeah Skiffy does weird mid season breaks. Still eagerly awaiting Eureka's return!
Caprica is awesome - not quite as awesome for me as BSG was but it's still early on and it just keeps getting better and better! I wish they didn't do these half season showings though and then go on a break for six months just as the show is really heating up!
I love this show, specifically Amanda Greystone. Jane Espenson is doing an amazing job.

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