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March 22 2010

RedEye's Best TV Character Tournament 2010. Candidate list includes the Whedonverse's own Adam Baldwin for Chuck and Neil Patrick Harris for How I Met Your Mother.

Voting for round one ends around noon on Friday March 26th.

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Can John Locke be the most facinating charecter of 2010 when he's dead? Shouldn't we call him Smokey or the Man in Black at this point?
Some very strange match ups there. Locke/NotLocke, still a great character. But if I were picking someone from Lost, it would be Ben.
Casey has gotten super character development in the span of three years. Latest episode is testament of that! Although, he never really lets down the steel wall barricading his feeling from Chuck, you can see him slipping *grin* Chuck just needs to look beyond the gun loving assassin glaze.

JC's in the lead but it’s a close lead!
Casey has fallen behind a smidgen. John Casey has become one of my favorite things about Chuck. I was starting to get seriously tired of all the soapy romance stuff, Lana Lang certainly didn't help the show at all, so focusing more on Casey really picked up the show for me again!
I am so glad that they have allowed Casey to grow beyond the 2D stereotype from the earlier seasons. I was worried that they were so focused on the love triangle stuff, he was being shoved into the background at the beginning of this season. The past few eps have been great for his story - his personal sacrifice, his begruding affection for both Chuck and Sarah and his loyalty to both, it's been great to see more of Casey. The suit last night was hilarious, reminded me of Adam on Angel wearing the really nice suits.
And did you catch the "I made my bunk, and now I have to lie in it" comment?
Neil Patrick Harris is also on there, and (sadly) losing!
Yeah, can't believe Barney's losing in the first round. (But then, I have no clue who Neal Caffey is, haven't seen even a bit of 'white collar'; still find it hard to believe he's a more compelling character though ;)).

Found myself compelled to vote in a few of these match-ups: for Eric Northman (True Blood), not-really-John-Locke (Lost), Tami Taylor (FNL), Don Draper (Mad Men), Walter Bishop (the only really good reason to watch Fringe :)) and Sue Sylvester (Glee).
GVH - Neal Caffrey has a show called White Collar, but he was originally on Chuck as Chuck's initial nemesis and Sarah's former lover who sent Chuck the intersect in the first place. ((Although I have to say, White Collar just isn't doing it for me at all))
I don't watch "How I met Your Mother" and do sometimes watch "White Collar" and i'd still vote for Barney Stinson over Neal Caffrey, purely on entertainment value and screen presence so that one's a puzzle to me.

Voted in a couple but these things don't really get interesting until the later rounds IMO. Early match-ups tend to be too random to be worth bothering with.

(and I love both "Chuck" in general - even though season 3 hasn't been firing on all cylinders - and Adam as Casey specifically but character wise, there's not too much there IMO. Took 3 years for any back-story at all to appear and when it came it was exactly the sort of back-story you'd expect for the character. He's fun to watch and hopefully fun to play though and serves the show's purpose well)
Some of the folk losing here is outrageous. NPH, really? And Charlie is losing to Eric from True Blood? Blasphemy, I tell you, blasphemy!

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